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Indian hair is so versatile that there are literally hundreds of styles to try. Braids, hair buns, updos and loose hairstyles can be composed individually or in combination with each other to make some really interesting looks.

Wether you are visiting a hair salon or doing it on your own at home you have a wide variety of looks to choose from. You might want to consider the following when choosing a hairstyle.

  • First you probably need to decide wether the occasion calls for a somewhat formal look or if a messy disheveled look is desired.
  • Next comes attire. Are you wearing western or traditional Indian clothing? Is it a lehenga or a saree? Some hairstyles look better than others depending on what you are wearing.
  • Finally how much time do you have? If are in a hurry and looking for an effortless hairstyle then your options are very different compared to having some time on your hands and possibly a friend or two to help you curl or braid etc.

So hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought. The styles section on Hairstyle Monkey has a range of hairstyles to complete any look. Go ahead, take a look and to get inspired. We hope you try out some new ideas.

Happy browsing!

Puff hairstyle refers to the raised hair made with the help of a comb, especially, right on the forehead. This hairstyle suits the women with a small forehead the most because it makes the forehead look bigger. No matter what kind of attires and jewelry one wears, the appeal of a beautiful hairstyle will never […]

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Puff ponytails look great! Typically a puff hairstyle refers to raising the front part of the hair while a poof refers to raising the back part of the hair just above the crown. So I when I say puff ponytails I mean those hairstyles when the hair is teased just above the forehead to create […]

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These low hair bun tutorials will show you how to make some superb hairstyles. Placing hair buns just above the nape of the neck creates a chic and stylish aesthetic. These hairstyles are perfect for a professional setting. The fact that they are low and somewhat loose adds a contrasting relaxed look. We examined some […]

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