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Bollywood hairstyles

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that most Indian women follow Bollywood stars to get inspired about new hairstyles. After all some of the most glamorous hairstyles are sported by actresses on the red carpet at events and functions.


Celebrities’ hairstyles are particularly good to take note of if you are going out partying or attending a wedding but beyond that each actress also has a preference for a particular style.


For example if puffed ponytails are your thing then you should take a look at Deepika Padukone’s hairdos. Alia Bhatt’s hairstyles on the other hand are cuteness galore. On the opposite spectrum we meet Priyanka Chopra’s elegant and chic hair dos. Nayanthara is for sarees and Kangana Ranaut for those of you who have curly hair.


Apart from the mainstream super starts there are also many TV actresses and up and coming actresses whose hairstyles are worth taking a look at. Kriti Sanon has some superbly stylish open hairstyles while Hina Khan has some exquisite cascading variations of braids.


Take a look below for further celebrity hairstyles to get inspired by!

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Whenever I think if Tamanna’s hairstyles two themes come to mind: fashionable side partings and enviable bouncy locks. Tamanna will invariably side part her hair often with a diagonal front fringe covering part of the forehead. She also has some amazingly wavy hair that would make any woman jealous. It has just the right amount of […]

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Kangana Ranaut is very versatile in making various hairstyles. From elegant hair buns to short curly bobs Kangana has a nice range of voguish hairstyles. We have covered a variety of Bollywood actress hairstyles including A grade actresses such as a Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra as well as upcoming actresses such Hina Khan and Kriti Sanon. […]

Karisma Kapoor is excellent at doing some really classy hairstyles. Top knots, braids and hair buns are all her forte. I love the fact that she gives every hairstyle a Karisma twist: raising a ponytail here and tweaking a braid there. She is also really good at combining her hairstyles with a nice assortment of fashionable clothes especially long gowns and dresses. […]

We all look up to our Bollywood stars when it comes to latest trends and fashion. And why not? With the hugely qualified teams behind their back, we can totally rely on their homework and skills, to find us the hottest and the coolest of all trends. Talking of Bollywood and the new stars on […]

Hina Khan is one of those celebrities who always does something interesting with her hair. When she is in character as Akshara Singhania she has some really interesting hairstyles. But this is also true of her when you catch her outside the studio set. Hina Khan’s hairstyles are superbly varied and include a bunch of techniques: […]

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Shraddha Kapoor’s hairstyles are varied and wonderful. From sassy braids to classy front hairstyles Shraddha knows how to wear it and flaunt it. Side plaits, ponytails, open hairstyles, loose buns and cornrows are just some of the hairstyles you will find her in. We have presented many other Bollywood celebrities’ hairstyles in previous posts such as Katrina Kaif, […]