16 Hair band hairstyles that Indian girls will love

Whether you’re wearing your hair up or down, if you’re having a good or bad hair day, trust the hair band to instantly take your hairstyle up by a few notches.

You will see in this post about hair band hairstyles that not only can hair bands add glamour to your look, it can also serve as a way to keep stubborn flyaways away from your face or add volume to your face or body if you are small framed. Go ahead and check out the post!

Awesome and simple Indian hair band hairstyles

#1: Priyanka Chopra fashion crystal chain headpiece

Priyanka Chopra Fashion crystal chain headpiece

This famous look of Priyanka’s from the hit movie Fashion is a must try at some point. As soon as you buy one of these crystal chain headpieces you will find they can make any loose hairstyle so much more glamorous. Get heads turning!

#2: Retro Bow hair band Deepika style

Retro Bow hair band Deepika style

If you’re going for an old retro look, put your hair up in an updo (you can find plenty of them on Hairstyle Monkey) use a curling tong or curler to curl  your bangs and add a plan or polka hair bow to the side. Complete with winged eyeliner! Your lips can be left nude or painted a deep red.


#3: Retro polka hair band hairstyles

Retro polka hair band hairstyles

The size of these polka dots always make you think retro! Tie a small scarf with polka dots to one side of neatly ironed hair. You can frame your bangs any way you like. Pair them with hoop earrings and you’ll want to be singing to your favourite song from the 70s!

#4: Satin Sash a la Serena Van Der Woodsen

Satin Sash hairstyles

Gossip girl fans, I know you want to look like Serena! Who doesn’t? This one is easy as pie. Just grab a broad gold sash and tie it to perfectly blow dried and tousled hair. You can also match the sash colour to your outfit of the day.

#5: Simple updo with hair band

Updo with hair band

For this look, create a small chignon bun at the nape of your neck. Part your bangs in the center and tease them a little. Add a thin and slender hair band to finish the look. This one is a perfect hairstyle for evening occasions, fundraisers, gallery openings or any other social event. Be camera ready!

#6: Beaded triple hair band

Beaded triple hair band hairstyles

A triple hair band is a cool kind of hair accessory. It can be worn with long and straight hair like Katrina Kaif or even with medium or short hair and whether you have bangs or not. Match it to your earrings!

#7: Bejeweled DIY hair band

Bejeweled DIY hair band hairstyle

Next time you feel fidgety and bored, go to a local fancy store and buy yourself faux gems to make a royal bejeweled hair accessory. Wear it with a braid to one side, loose hair or a high bun. This kind of hair accessory is great for  evening occasions as well as with Indian outfits like a plain coloured lehenga or anarkali.


#8: Betty Draper 60s hair band look

Betty Draper 60s hair band look

For a quick and simple 60s look that is also formal, blow dry your hair and buy a nice hair band from the fancy store. You’ll look like Don Draper’s wife in no time!

#9: Braided faux hair band

Braided faux hair band

If you have the time on hand, you can create your own faux hair band with your own hair. Braid the front in a regular braid and tease/flatten them with the back of a separating cob to widen them. Pin it under the rest of your hair. This is a lovely day time look for brunch or a beach-side party.


#10: Casual bandana style for road trips

Casual bandana hairstyles

When I travel or drive, especially long distances, I don’t want m hair all over my face, but some of you may like it. A folded bandana forms a cool look for a long drive or a jeans and t-shirt kind of day. The hair can be tied up in a messy way.

#11: Daisy hai rband

Daisy hair band hairstyle

A pretty band of flowers is about the cutest thing you can do to your hair. Pick from daisies or roses or any other kind of flower hair accessory band. Wear this to the beach, beach parties, pool parties or just when playing tourist in a foreign country in the summer.

#12: Fancy hair band for curly hair

Fancy hairband for curly hair

Girls who fret about big and curly hair, fret no more. Carry it off with confidence with a nice and broad, colourful hair band to tame your hair as well as add elegance.  This look is good for curly hair of all lengths. Try a bright colour to contrast with the duller/darker hair.

#13: Gibson tuck with hair band

Gibson tuck with hairband

If you know how to do the Gibson Tuck – if you don’t, look it up on Hairstyle Monkey – add a lace or ribbon hair band to it. Make sure you add the lace before you do the tuck so it gets hidden. This is a pretty and elegant day time look perfect for medium to long hair.

#14: Girl next door hair band look

Girl next door hair band hairstyle

Girl Next Door. I know that term is overused, but it’s a definitely an ‘in’ style. It’s simple, sweet, cute and innocent looking. A flat cloth hair band is perfect for the look. Pair this hairstyle up with a summery dress, skirt or capris to make it a fun summer look.

#15: Hair band for long and oval face that is small framed

Hairband hairstyles for long and oval face

This large and loud bow is perfect for those girls looking to add volume to their faces and bodies. A large hair accessory does just that. A large hat is an option too. Wear this to formal events or if you’re going out for the night.

#16: Messy hair with muted hair band

Messy hair with muted hair band

Wake up late this morning but need to get to office or a meeting? Don’t worry. Messy hair is all the rage. Just spray on some Beach Waves product and tousle your hair a bit before making a high, loose bun. Add a thin understated hair band to hold hair off your face. This look incidentally can also work great for a night out and is also super quick to do