16 Claw clip hairstyles: get classy in seconds

We love hair accessories! They add so much oomph to a simple hairdo and can really change the way we look! Because of this special quality, we never get enough of them! One simple accessory is the claw clip. It’s very readily available, is cheap, comes in a million shapes and sizes and can be used to create some dramatic looks!

Read below to understand some hairstyles that you can create using simple butterfly clips.

16 hairstyling ideas to try with claw clips

#1: Bunched twist up hairstyle with butterfly clip

For the busy, on-the-run ladies who need to look good but do not have the time or the energy to sit and do their hair. This simple yet classy hairstyle lets you sport a formal look. Even for the ladies busy at home, this style keeps your hands free! Twist your hair at the back and clasp them in your butterfly clip vertically.

#2: Butterfly clip hairstyle for medium hair

Women with medium hair usually struggle with hairstyles. Also,  low maintenance but attractive hairstyles do not come easy. This style solves these problems! Grab your hair vertically while pulling all the loose ends the top. Put the butterfly clip on and get ready to roll! A fringe will add more volume to this hairstyle.

#3: Butterfly clip neat updo

You might need 2 mirrors to get this one right. A neat updo that can pull you through a last minute party invitation. Gently roll your hair like you would roll for a French bun, just that the bun will be horizontal! Fix it up with a claw clip.

#4: Cool messy updo with butterfly clip

This hairstyle reflects the state of mind of a cool diva; restless, carefree, quick and focused. The hairstyle should be a ‘go to’ option for women with thin hair. Pull some hair at the back of your head and fold it like a vertical bun. Let the loose strands be where they wish to be! Try and grab more hair from the top of your mane and leave the bottom hair in a messy state.

#5: Easiest way to wear a claw clip

Got 1 minute? Try this hairstyle! This works like a charm on medium length hair. Take a small section of your hair from above your ear. Twist it all the way through its length and hold it up in the center of your head. Do the same on both sides. Now take the rest of the hair at the top of your head and blend it into the bunch you already holding. Clamp a claw clip on it!

#6: Fashionable vertical updo with claw clip

Hello faux French roll ! If you have a class to attend or a lecture to give, a meeting to chair or some chores to finish, this workplace hairstyle will make you look like a star! Follow the steps for a simple French bun and then puff up the hair at the top of the roll.

#7: Faux mohawk with puff using a claw clip

The one for the super star! False Mohawk hairstyles add a lot of length to your face, making it look more defined. No wonder the Mohawk has hit the fashion world in more ways we can imagine. With the help of a ton of gel, a good back comb, and lots of bobby pins later, this look will surely make heads turn for you!


#8: French roll type hairstyle using a claw clip

We have been talking a lot about semi French rolls and messy buns in this article. Now let’s get into some serious stuff. The queen of all buns. Be sure to keep the neatness at the best! Use a claw clip that looks up class and subtle. Go ahead and hunt for the one matching your dress.

#9: Hair clasped at the back mid height with mini clip

Short hair don’t care! Choose a mini claw clip to hold those delicate locks of hair together. Let some hair fall on the front and sides of your forehead. Give this hairstyle a boost by curling your hair along the length.

#10: Indian ponytail boost to match puff with mini jaw clip

Straight hair has a tendency to look thinner and less bouncy. A top puff is a very widely used trick to add some volume to the top. It also looks very neat and formal. Adding to this lovely work look is a trick that makes even the ponytail look full. Divide the ponytail into half and sneak in a small claw clip. Cover it up with the top hair to get that boost in your ponytail.

#11: Lazy updo with butterfly clip

We all have those days when we don’t feel like doing anything, not even doing our hair! For all those days and more, here is a simple hairstyle. Divide your hair into 2 halves horizontally. Twist the top half into a circle and hold it together using a butterfly clip. Leave the bottom half as it is. Perfect hairstyle for our relaxing beach days!

#12: Low bun roll hairstyle using a jaw clip

Thank god for these hairstyles, when we can tie your hair into something so classy, and hide the hair that badly needs a cut! No fringe, no bangs, no steps, no layers, no trimming. If your hair falls in this category, there is not much enhancement that you can do. One thing you can definitely do is to comb your hair nicely and tie it into a low roll. The horizontal roll of hair should then be kept together using a jaw clip.

#13: Mini claw clip trick to boost a ponytail

Here is a secret! We all recall some time when we keep pushing our ponytails higher thinking the hair will fall so nicely and form that lovely ponytail to die for. We keep pulling the strands coming out of the ponytail to add some volume to it. Stop doing all those and use this simple trick. Use a small claw clip in the center of your ponytail to boost up the hair from where they enter the ponytail!

#14: Neat claw clip hairstyle suitable for office

Short haired women find it challenging to pull off a bun. Use a long claw clip that can encompass all your hair together. Gel your hair and partition it as you like (center or on the sides). Grab all the hair together in one place, maintaining a length to the hair. The hair should not form a ponytail. Now use a claw clip to keep the hair in place.


#15: Quick and sophisticated hairstyle look with jaw clip

The personal favorite hairstyle of many women all around the world. This helps keep your hair in place while maintaining and respecting the natural fall of the hair. It works for most hair textures but looks best on wavy hair. Partition your hair along the center or sides. Take the section of the hair along the hairline. Pull hair from both ends and hold together using a clip. Ready for the next task!

#16: Simple hair claw hairstyle

This particular hairstyle is most suited for on-the-go situations. It will work for non-shampooed hair as well. If you have naturally thin hair then this could be your everyday hairstyle as well. Just shop around for hair claws of different shapes, sizes and designs and you are ready to wear this every day!


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