Indian Hairstyles with Jeans and top: 15 trendy ideas

When we wear jeans the hairstyles we traditionally use suddenly might look a bit awkward.  On the other hand there is a big variety of hairstyles that suit jeans and a simple t-shirt or long sleeved top.

Because the attire is so simple simple hairstyles will match the look whereas more intricate hairstyles such as braids or puffs will bring more attention to the hairstyle and face. A cool hairstyle combined with jeans and top can make you look very hip. So if you searching for that supermodel look to sport with jeans check out the hairstyles below.

15 Hairstyles for Jeans and top that you will love

#1: Messy side braid with puffy top

Messy side braid with Jeans and top

This side braid hairstyle that Deepika is sporting is very stylish and suits the jeans and top perfectly. To recreate it side part you hair and braid it to one side so that it falls neatly on the right shoulder. You can leave a loose bang on the opposite side to create symmetry.


#2: Aishwarya Rai Side parting and curly hairstyle

Parting with messy curls with jeans and top

This sassy hairstyle would match jeans perfectly. To achieve this hairstyle just side part your hair and let it loose to one side. Whether you have curly hair like Aishwarya or straight hair letting your hair loose over the shoulder looks very attractive in jeans.

#3: Bipasha Basu short curly hair

Bipasha Basu Short curly hair for jeans

Check out how awesome Bipasha looks in her shoulder length hairstyle. To achieve the same look side part your hair and let the locks fall freely over you shoulders. An equally interesting look could be achieved with a step cut look.


#4: Blow dried waves for evening tops

Blow dried waves for evening tops and denim

As you can see  a theme is starting to emerge. Free open hairstyles suit jeans a lot. And this is the reason so many actresses choose to wear their hair open when they are dressed in jeans. Here we have a side swept open hairstyle with locks that curl at their tips. The wonderful curling hair is captivating!


#5: Bob with long bangs for jeans

Bob with long bangs for Jeans

Jeans go surprising well with short hairstyles as well. This boy cut with a tank top and jeans looks very fashionable and trendy. The hairstyle has a cool front fringe and looks extremely attractive.


#6: Bouffant with curls for long hair

Bouffant with curls for long hair

Another nice  way to go about wearing a hairstyle with jeans is to do a puff above your forehead. This will give you that bollywood look. The rest of your hair can be worn loose over the shoulders or you could consider tying it up into a ponytail hairstyle.


#7: Casual haircut with highlights

Casual haircut for jeans and shirt

This short bob is  neck length and curling inwards at the tips. Combine with sunglasses to get that rockstar look.


#8: Coiled chignon with business casuals

Coiled chignon with business casual trousers

This coiled high bun  is easy to do and gives the whole look a fashion model feel to it.


#9: High bouffant for casual t-shirt look

High bouffant for casual t shirt and denim

This high bouffant will look spectacular with skinny jeans. The puff will add height and gravitas to your physique and will make a nice contrast to tight jeans.


#10: High pony with teased crown for jeans

High pony with teased crown for jeans

Now this is an awesome combination. You have the trendy shirt matching the fashionable puff. Both skinny and loose fitting jeans would make an excellent match for Deepika’s quintessential puff hairstyle.


#11: Highlighted hair for western casuals

Highlighted hair for western casuals

Another nice twist is to highlight your hair and wear a colorful top with you jeans.

#12: Layer cut for t shirts

Layer cut for t shirt with skinny jeans

This layer cut looks awesome in denim. You can do it for long hair but it also works well with medium length hair.


#13: Low side braid for off shoulder tops and jeans

Low side braid for off-shoulder tops and jeans

A braid that drops to the side can look sophisticated  and cool. Make a side parting braid you hair and let it down to fall over your shoulder.


#14: Shraddha Kapoor low side pony

Side ponytail for jeans and open top

Shraddha looks awesome in this flowing ponytail. The wavy locks will make a nice juxtaposition against smooth denim trousers.

#15: Side braid for formal tops

Side braid for formal tops


If you want to look extra sassy you can add some oil to your hair and comb it backwards. This will give you a slick trendy look that others are surely going to envy. Check out further hairstyles on Hairstyle Monkey to check out various Indian hairstyles for girls.