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It’s true that a lot of Indian women have long hair. This reflects both tradition and stereotypes of beauty.

There is a wide variety of hairstyles you can do if you have long hair. Most women get bored of their hair after a while so curling or straightening lends itself to breaking up the monotony.

On the other hand there is not enough content out there to help those with medium length hair out. I define medium length hair as hair starting anywhere from the neck to the armpits. Medium length hair can look very fashionable and there are some pretty cool hairstyle you can do with that length.

Of late you see more and more Indian women with chin length bobs or even shorter haircuts from stylish undercuts to sassy pixie haircuts. Short hairstyles are for breaking boundaries and trying out new things.

Wether you have long, medium or short hair we have range of hairstyles you can try and get inspired.

Check them out now and try something new!

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Pixie cut hairstyles look amazing on Indian women. In fact there are a number of Bollywood stars including Aishawarya Rai, Anushka Sharma and Kangana Ranaut whom we’ve seen sporting pixie cuts in the past. So we’ll take a look at those as well as some some other cutting edge pixie hairstyles that are coming out of […]

A lot of Tamil women have medium hair. Medium hairstyles make for a nice change especially in the summer when it can get really hot in Chennai and other cities. Plus there are some nice ways to style your hair if it is not too long. Medium hair can range anywhere starting from the neck […]

Hairstyles for medium length hair are harder to come by in India. Most hairstyles worn by celebrities and actresses are geared towards long hair. People mean different things when they search for medium length hair so just to clarify we’ll be looking at anything starting from neck length, through to shoulder length and down to […]

Pony hairstyles are fun and simple  for girls with medium to long hair. If you have a lot of layers, you can try to keep them sort of tamed with hairspray. The longer your hair the better for the style. Your hair doesn’t necessarily have to be straight though. Wavy and big hair has its own charm […]

“Be back home by 12 PM!” “Beta, khayaal rakhna.” “Please message me and let me know you’re okay. Every 15 minutes.” Yes, party time in India is often a night of distress thanks to our loving parents. I love you ma, but please take a chill pill. Anyway, here are some fabulous party hairstyles that will […]

Whatever the length and texture of hair, open hairstyles are the best way to flaunt them.  Often requiring only slight touches with styling tools, the right open hairstyle is often easy to achieve and carry off. Whether cut, cropped or colored, every type of hair has its own inner beauty that has to be let […]

Girls and women are always on the lookout for much needed inspiration to create new and interesting traditional hairstyles in the festive and wedding seasons. The next time you are wearing a pretty, traditional outfit look no further than this post on Hairstyle Monkey Here are some amazing traditional hairstyles for Indian women #1: Bridal double braid with […]

If you are tired of the same old options of either long layered hair or a short bob,  you will be surprised to know that there is a new hairstyle that has hit the town running. From celebrities to socialites, this has now become the most popular way to style your hair. We are of […]

It takes guts and valor to chop off the locks you have grown for years! Some do it out of obligations, some do it to manage less hair and some just do it to appease their free spirit! A lot of Indian women think that having short hair limits your choices of hairstyles. Well, this […]

Banana clips! The most underrated hair accessory available has been the treasure that has been ignored since ages. Pick up this simple little piece of metal or plastic, and open the doors to many dazzling and fabulous hairstyles! Read more to find out how the banana clip can be used to bring out the diva […]