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Indian hair is so versatile that there are literally hundreds of styles to try. Braids, hair buns, updos and loose hairstyles can be composed individually or in combination with each other to make some really interesting looks.

Wether you are visiting a hair salon or doing it on your own at home you have a wide variety of looks to choose from. You might want to consider the following when choosing a hairstyle.

  • First you probably need to decide wether the occasion calls for a somewhat formal look or if a messy disheveled look is desired.
  • Next comes attire. Are you wearing western or traditional Indian clothing? Is it a lehenga or a saree? Some hairstyles look better than others depending on what you are wearing.
  • Finally how much time do you have? If are in a hurry and looking for an effortless hairstyle then your options are very different compared to having some time on your hands and possibly a friend or two to help you curl or braid etc.

So hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought. The styles section on Hairstyle Monkey has a range of hairstyles to complete any look. Go ahead, take a look and to get inspired. We hope you try out some new ideas.

Happy browsing!

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Hairstyles braiding hair can look really amazing. Plaiting hair is an ancient technique that involves twisting and weaving strands of hair to form plaits. There are two core element that you should be aware of when braiding hair. The first is knowing which method you are going to use to intertwine your locks: how many strands […]

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Side bun hairstyles can look supremely chic on Indian women. They are relatively easy to do and it helps to have long hair like most of us Indian women have. These tutorials with step by step instructions will show you how to do some really classy side buns. They cover a good range of looks from […]

Pony hairstyles are fun and simple  for girls with medium to long hair. If you have a lot of layers, you can try to keep them sort of tamed with hairspray. The longer your hair the better for the style. Your hair doesn’t necessarily have to be straight though. Wavy and big hair has its own charm […]

While researching the best Kerala hairstyles for 2019 I decided to focus on what some of the most famous Malayali actresses opted for.  While Kerala is steeped in tradition I see some very exciting and trendy Indian hairstyles emerging from this region. Actresses such Amala Paul, Bhavana, Namitha Pramod and Parvathy Menon are daring in their […]

“Be back home by 12 PM!” “Beta, khayaal rakhna.” “Please message me and let me know you’re okay. Every 15 minutes.” Yes, party time in India is often a night of distress thanks to our loving parents. I love you ma, but please take a chill pill. Anyway, here are some fabulous party hairstyles that will […]

Puff hairstyles are one of the most defining features of Indian hairstyles. I think the reason they are so popular in India is that while they are easy to do they can add a touch of class and chicness to any look. Moreover, it’s a style that suits multiple outfits: lehenga cholis, sarees, anarkalis or a […]