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We’ve all had those days where we are in a hurry and need to do a really quick hairstyle for our long hair. Now, most other sites that I have come across usually show a variety of hairstyles that are actually not easy or fast to do. Especially when you are dealing with Indian hair. So […]

As we grow older we start get bored of our hair. Long hair becomes somewhat more of hindrance and gone are the days when we would let our hair loose in the air. Nowadays, we find ourselves aiming to be practical and bundling up our hair into a bun to get it out of the […]

These tutorials for hairstyles for long Indian hair will show you how to make each hairstyle step by step . Sometimes it can be hard to know how to do a hairstyle just by looking at a picture. Being able to see it in instructions makes life much easier. So we’ve handpicked the best tutorial […]

These simple hairstyles are really easy to do and are not too over the top. We all have those days when we don’t want to overcomplicate things and just want to do something simple but beautiful with our hair. At the same time, even if we are going out to something more formal, doing an unpretentious hairstyle can look beautiful […]

Loose bun hairstyles are an excellent way of tying up your hair for that lazy relaxed look or when you just don’t care. There’s a bunch of ways to do these so we have scoured the internet to identify the top loose bun hairstyles that are out there. There are not special instruction here except […]

Old hairstyles can give you that classy look that you won’t get elsewhere. There is something elegant and beautiful about them that takes me back to another era. I once had to attend a semi formal function at my office and I was undecided on what hairstyle to go for. Then someone recommended stepping and back in time and […]

Fishtail hairstyles are all the rage these days. Although they have been around since eternity I first found out about them while studying in California. All the hipsters and cooler girls would tie their hair up this way. What’s cool is that there are many variations that fishtail hairstyles can take. You can braid short ones while […]

Most people I know have often looked for Greek hairstyles when they’re cosplaying for Halloween or a costume party. But honestly you can try these looks for several different occasions. #1.  Greek hairstyle with tiara A simple tiara goes a long way with this low slung bun.   #2.  Greek goddess braided updo Gather a […]

Front hairstyles and  front cut bangs are a great hairstyle for several reasons – they hide large foreheads, they add volume (believe it or not) and are a good break from your regular hairstyles! Front hairstyles on Indian girls are particularly attractive as they are not all that common and you will definitely get the […]

Haven’t you always wondered about air hostess hairstyles while listening to the safety instructions on an aircraft? Well here we have a list of hairstyles to help you look as top-notch as an air hostess. These air hostess hairstyles will make you look total rad #1: Thai airways air hostess hairstyle For this air hostess hairstyle, begin with […]