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Go through these options to style your hair like your favourite Bollywood star! Kareena’s famous puff hairstyle, Deepika Padukone’s messy buns, traditional buns a la Vidya Balan or Alia Bhatt in 2 States, Aishwarya Rai at Cannes or in Action Replayyy. We update our site weekly so keep checking back on hairstylemonkey for more new Bollywood hairstyles worn by the stars.

I don’t know about you but Bebo has always been my favorite Bollywood fashionista. She is beautiful, and looks great even without make-up, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. From Refugee to Jab We Met to Chamak Challo, Kareena Kapoor had quite the journey, and taken us all along with her! 21 Kareena Kapoor hairstyles you can be […]

If you follow bollywood hairstyles then you better check out these hairdos by Alia Bhatt. Alia always chooses the latest trending hairstyles so she is one of the best bollywood stars to follow for hairstyles. Alia’s hairstyles are also super cool for younger women and girls. Top Alia Bhatt hairstyles of 2016 #1: Alia Bhatt braided headband In […]

When we wear jeans the hairstyles we traditionally use suddenly might look a bit awkward.  On the other hand there is a big variety of hairstyles that suit jeans and a simple t-shirt or long sleeved top. Because the attire is so simple simple hairstyles will match the look whereas more intricate hairstyles such as […]

How many of you follow the Lakme fashion week hoo ha every year for ideas on what’s new in fashion? The number is certainly higher than those who look for hairstyle inspirations from the week long event. Given, the styles do tend to be complicated but here’s a stylish hairstyle that you can attempt to […]

Aishwarya sported this hairstyle in the song chhan ke mohalla in the film Action Replayy. Here’s a quick lesson on how to re-create this hairstyle yourself at home. It’s a really simple hairstyle to make at home yourself. You will need a bumpit. Bumpits usually come in sets of three or more. You can buy these hair […]

This style is literally a signature Katrina Kaif hairstyle – soft waves, medium length hair, side parting, bangs framing the face. We see Katrina wearing this hairstyle quite a bit, and this was her look in ZNMD.  Here’s how you can create this look for yourself. This is a nice hairstyle to make for a special day at school, […]

The DIY hair extension is a cool hairstyle to try out. Hair extensions are a great short-cut to flaunting longer and/or fuller tresses! A lot of us Indian girls tend to have thin and fine hair and apply all sorts of concoctions to make them thicker! Here’s a sure shot way of flaunting a fuller head […]

Deepika really makes this messy hair style work. I love it because my hair is always messy and with this hairstyle, I can make it look trendy without much effort! Deepika does tend to sport this hairstyle quite often, so here’s how you can make this Deepika Padukone hairstyle in your own house! You can […]