17 South Indian hairstyles to show off that thick long hair

There’s more to South Indian hairstyles than long South Indian bridal braids. At Hairstyle Monkey we love South Indian hair. Whether you are Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Malayali chances are you have thick long hair that you can show off. There are a number of both modern and traditional hairstyles that will suit you if you are from the Southern states. These include open free flowing hairstyles, braids, puffs and fringes.

South Indian hairstyles for long hair

#1: South Indian open hairstyle

Long thick hair can look amazing if it is prepped properly and let to hang loose. If you have long curly hair don’t be afraid of showing those locks off. In the pic above we have a nice illustration of how open hair can be worn with a side parting and the loose curls are brought forward in front of the shoulders.


#2: South Indian ponytail Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Samantha Prabhu is a great example of how a round South Indian face  can look beautiful in a pony hairstyle and fringe.The fringe is side parted and the ponytail can be brought forward in front of the shoulder.


 #3: Shriya Saran puff

Let your inner Kollywood out with this half down do hairstyle with a puff.  The puff will give you that extra style and sassiness. Puffs are a quintessential characteristic of South Indian hairstyles.


#4: South Indian braid and puff

Here we have an impressive long braid. While most of us are used to seeing long braids in Chennai and other South Indian cities this plait is rather unique in that it is a fishtail braid. The other unique quality of this hairstyle is that the hair is puffed up evenly on all sides. In the pic above we are looking at a bride that is sporting this hairstyle but you don’t have to be getting married to wear do this hairstyle. A perfect hairstyle for any function, it can easily be done wether you are going to the temple or someone’s reception.


 #5: Tamil open hairstyle Dhanshika

Dhanishka looks super cool in this free hairstyle with saree. Here we have some long front bangs curling outwards on either side of the forehead.


#6: Kannadiga side braid

This is a nice example of how a braid can look nice even for medium length hair.


#7: Open South Indian hairstyle

This layered hairstyle flows beautifully over the shoulders. A great hairstyle to wear with a gown or saree that will look spectacular.


#8: Formal hairstyle with Kanchipuram saree

This  updo or juda hairstyle is perfect for any formal occasion where you are going to be wearing a saree.


 #9: Free flowing South Indian locks

This is a classic cut you will see in Madras and Bangalore. It has an element of class and is modern at the same time. The exaggerated side swept puff is very becoming while the rolling locks are elegant and stylish.


#10: Long Malayali braid and flowers

We’ve talked about this a lot but since we are presenting South Indian hairstyles we do need to present at least one bridal style. Here we have a long jadai with flowers and saree that you will be familiar with.


 #11: Malayali hairstyle

You don’t have to be getting married to add mallipoo to your hair. Flowers are nature’s accessory and are especially suited to summer hairstyles.


#12: Open hairstyle with side parting South Indian style

A nice technique is a step cut curly hairstyles such as the one above. Note how the curls point outwards at different levels created a symmetrical and attractive effect.

 #13: Shriya Saran hair style

Shriya Saran looks extra sassy in these pigtails and they are easy to copy.


#14: South Indian kondai with band of flowers

A kondai can also look very elegant. To do this you need to fold and tuck your hair.


 #15: South Indian updo and braid with flowers

This updo is an extremely stylish hairstyle for Indian weddings. The side parting makes the forehead more interesting and the poof at the back makes it more appropriate for important events such as weddings.


#16: Vimala Raman South Indian hair updo

Vimala has made a super updo in the pic above. It is graceful and neat and looks beautiful.


 #17: Video of classic south Indian hairstyles

Finally check out these video that described some hairstyles that would work perfectly on South Indian hair.

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