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Fishtail hairstyles are all the rage these days. Although they have been around since eternity I first found out about them while studying in California. All the hipsters and cooler girls would tie their hair up this way. What’s cool is that there are many variations that fishtail hairstyles can take. You can braid short ones while […]

Feeling emo? Need a rad party hairstyle? Try some of these styles depending on how exactly you’re feeling. Coming to think about it, the possibilities with emo hairstyles are endless!! Check out these 15 rad Emo hairstyles #1: Red head with feathered black ends When you think of feathered hairstyles, you usually think of feathered haircuts. This […]

Your hair is never too short for a braid. Well, almost never. So if you find yourself running out of styling ideas for your short hair or bob, just add a braid to it. Read this post to learn how to get yourself this funky, cool looking hairstyle. Steps to create braided hairstyle for short hair- […]