13 braids and buns to hit the treadmill with

For those of us who like to hit the gym regularly hair can often get in the way. Here we have 13 hairstyles that will tidy up your hair so that it doesn’t prevent you from exercising and looks good at the same time.

13 gym hairstyles to hit the gym with

#1: Double braid gym hairstyle

Talk about sweating it out in style and we present to you the double braid gym style. This high braided hairdo will keep your rebellious curls or frizzy tresses away from your sweaty face while you work your magic to burn those extra kilos. And don’t be surprised if you experience an instant face-lift as the this twin plaited hairstyle can make your visage appear firmer and younger as you work out!

#2: Braided bun for hitting the gym

This braided hair bun is a boon to girls with luscious long tresses. Let us explain, thick tresses tied in a simple pony or a bun can be extremely uncomfortable when you are working out in the Gym as it tends to pull your hair back causing discomfort. This juda not only looks elegant but it lets your hair breathe while you exercise. If you are one of those ladies with fine long hair, opt for this beautiful Braided Bun instead of a regular (should we say boring?) bun.

braided bun for hitting the gym

#3: Twin braids gym hairstyles

Another way to style your long hair is the funky double braided hairdo. Beauties with oval or sweet heart shaped face can really rock this hairstyle as it frames such faces well. Twin braids are also convenient for those aerobic sessions which require you to move a lot. And let us not forget, twin braids always make a great fashion statement!

#4: Top knot and fringe for running

Imagine this, your hair keeps getting into your eyes while you are running your marathon. You would be a sweaty mess for sure! Well, here is the solution: Top knot and Fringe. If you are sporting trendy short front bangs, this hairstyle is an excellent way to incorporate them along with a neatly secured top knot. This hairdo is ideal for those with short to medium length hair.

#5: Tight braid for working out

Blame it on your hair texture or just one of those bad hair days, at times despite the strongest bobby pins used the tresses at the lower layers keep slipping off resulting in the ‘sweaty hair trap’ which is annoying. This tight French braid is your best bet to survive the intense workouts without losing your focus.

tight braid for working out

#6: Tight braid for exercising

Don’t want your long trailing plait distracting you from your fitness goals? Switch to the Tight Braid up do which keeps your hair well put during your strenuous exercise hours. This hairstyle is amazing for long haired girls who sport medium-long bangs. Just tuck in your bangs on top in this firm braid hairstyle and we assure you, nothing will come in your way to stay fit!

tight braid for exercising

#7: Ponytail for the gym

No matter how many hairstyles we try, ponytails are hard to ignore because they are super easy. When you don’t have time, all it takes is a few minutes to pull your hair in a nice ponytail and you are good to go. Jazz up your regular ponytail with a side plaits which keep your bangs secured neatly. This style is really cool because the small sectioned braids also cover your hairband giving you a chic look.

#8: Long braid ponytail for running in

If you find plain ponytails inconvenient for your runs, try this long ponytail braid which looks ravishingly trendy. Long haired damsels who want a simple yet stylish hairdo which can keep the hair in place should certainly give this style a try. Try this versatile look that suits anyone and everyone.

#9: Gym hairstyles for long hair

When you want to keep it neat and sweet, style your long hair in a simple braided up do. This hairstyle is a slight variation from the classic French Braid, where the braid is neatly tucked up to give a unique look. This gym hairdo for long hair renders a different look to your face as all the hair including frizzes, curls or bangs are secured in a stylish way. It’s needless to say that with this hairstyle, it’s relatively easy to let your body get in shape.

#10: Gym hairstyle

When bored of your regular hairstyles, take a break and try this top twisted bun which looks great. The hair is nicely sectioned and tied to finally end up in a twisted bun. This hairstyle is ideal to keep you nape free from sweaty hair traps. This hairdo efficiently controls the bottom layers from slipping out. Girls with medium to short hair can sport this trend comfortably. Wavy or fine hair fits well into this style.

 #11: Double top knot for exercising

This quirky coiffure radiates youth. Long, medium or short, regardless of your hair length, this double top knot is ultra-convenient during the sweaty hours spent working out. Aside from being a versatile style, this messy hairstyle screams ‘rebel’ and it sets you apart from the crowd. From Miley Cyrus to Kylie Jenner – the young Hollywood brigade just can’t get enough of this fashion statement.

#12: Cross braids gym hairstyle

Pigtails are damn cute and when combined with braids they look adorable. Cross braids are often referred as one of those ‘back to school’ hairstyles that shows the fun side of your personality. Cross braids are ideal to put your untamed hair in place especially, when your exercise schedule has spin or aerobic sessions. You don’t need a loose or uncomfortable hairstyle that distracts your focus or worse makes you look like a sweaty clone!

#13: Top knot for running

Choosing a perfect hairstyles for running is very tricky. We’ll tell you why. For a start, bangs or layers tend to slide off from the regular bun, braid or pony as your whole body is on the move. If you opt for a hairband, there are chances of you ending up with a headache. Clips or clasps cannot guarantee you a well put hairstyle. Low buns are too risky as they succumb to sweaty skin and fall out.  What can work for you is a simple top knot that keeps your hair in place while running.

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