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Puffs and poofs are a quintessential part of Indian hairstyling. I would go as fas as to say that they are actually the most distinguished feature of an Indian hairstyle. Other cultures play around with the puff in their hair but take a look at any Bollywood actress and you are sure to find an image of them with puffed or poofed hair.

So what is a puff vs. a poof?

Most often a puff refers to raising the hair at the front and a puff refers to raising the hair at the back of the crown.  This can be done naturally by combing the hair into shape or using a technique called backcombing which is a way of giving more volume to the hair underneath so that it acts like a pillow for the front hair to stay puffed. Alternatively one could use a hair poof accessory that lifts the hair. Imagine this like a little sponge pillow. Sometimes this pillow is connected to a comb for a better grip.

In this section we discuss front puff hairstyles.

Why is the front puff so popular in India?

There is something supremely elegant about front puffs. They conjure up images of old Bollywood movies and can be worn by all ages. The puff is also a really quick and easy hairstyle to do. It can boost height if you care for that and it can be used on any occasion wether you want to look somewhat neat and tidy at college, formal at work or want something appropriate for that sangeet reception you are going to. It is also a hairstyle that is extremely versatile and can be combined with a range of styles from simple ponytails to intricate hair buns.

What are some of the best hairstyles to combine with a puff?

I hope to have a separate and comprehensive post up on this topic soon but here a basic list of hairstyles you could combine with a puff

  • Puff with Ponytails: This is classic Deepika Padukone area. Combining a puff with a high or low ponytail can add some chicness to an otherwise everyday hairstyle
  • Puff and hair bun: your options here are essentially limitless. There are any number of ways to tie a hair bun up from a low chignon that could be used for a party to a more intricate juda updo if you are the bride at a wedding. Really depends but you might want to check out our post on hair buns and see if anything inspired you there.
  • Puff and loose open hairstyles. Chances are if you are Indian you have long hair. Let your hair loose and combine it with a puff when you are attending a somewhat formal event and want to show off your garments. Usually open hairstyle go well with loose flowing attire such as lehengas and anarkalis

These are just some of the basic combinations and like I say I plan to write a more comprehensive post on this topic so keep watching this space.

Learn how to make puff hairstyles at home with these simple, easy to do hairstyle tutorials. We update our site weekly so keep checking back on Hairstyle Monkey for more easy and cute hairstyles that you can do at home. And don’t forget to explore other styles you may like.

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