22 Banana clip hairstyles for Indian girls

Banana clips! The most underrated hair accessory available has been the treasure that has been ignored since ages. Pick up this simple little piece of metal or plastic, and open the doors to many dazzling and fabulous hairstyles! Read more to find out how the banana clip can be used to bring out the diva in you.

#1: Wispy bun with banana bow

The messy hair don’t care look! The layers in the bun works with most hair lengths and textures. Backcomb your hair and use small portions to slowly build up the style. Who would have thought that a banana clip with a bow can be used to look so superlatively chic! Choose a color of the bow that matches your outfit, and you are ready to dazzle!

#2: Wide ponytail with banana clip

Remember the evenings when you needed to attend a party after a long day’s of work? The answer to ‘what to do with my hair!’ lies in this easy and quick hairstyle. Just pull your hair a bit higher and put on the banana clip. Use a little gel to hold those stray strands. This hairstyle works well for professional as well as casual environment.


#3: Trendy banana clip mohawk with fringe

If you have layered hair, a front fringe and an invitation to a beach get-together, fret not! Just fringe it! Use the banana clip to roll up the hair and just leave a few strands wandering out. If you have colored hair that speaks louder around the ends, then this hairstyle will bring out the beautiful transition in the colors so you can rock that teenager vibe!

#4: Step by step mohawk braid using a banana clip

We generally use the banana clip to just pull our hair in place. This step by step hair tutorial is probably the easiest way to get a very easily done complex looking style! Braid your hair and then use a clip to hold them together. Spread out the sections of the braid to form little hearts and pin the tail end up. You can easily rock a meeting as well as a party with this hair look!


#5: Simple vertical banana clip pony hairstyle

It can’t get simpler than this! Open banana clip, hold it around your hair, close banana clip! This look works lovely on washed, blow dried hair. Different hair textures give different looks to this simple hairstyle. Play around with it some more! Fix your clip slightly left of the center and let some hair fall on your face!

#6: Simple banana clip puff

The puff really adds volume to hair! It’s a blessing for people with straight thin hair. Hold the hair in the top mane, and gently back comb. Pull together and loosely secure them using bobby pins. Leave some strands at the whiskers and pull up the rest using a hair band. Layered hair looks really good with this no nonsense puff hairstyle.


#7: Simple banana clip hairstyle for medium length hair

Women with short hair really struggle with hairstyles. With limited hair length to work with, an effortless and basic hairstyle like this one can save us for those birthday parties and also our office! Just tie half of your hair using the banana clip. Fringes, layers, colored ends, just about everything accentuates this style.

#8: Messy updo with banana clip worn sideways

Not all girls want to follow symmetry. Some of us follow chaos! For those who want to stand out and make some eyes roll, pull up your hair on the sides, make a very messy braid, pull out the sections of the braid and there you go! The longer the hair, more dramatic the look! Secure the untidy braid with to your mane, using some pins, and the let the loose hair do some dancing!

#9: Messy bun updo using a banana clip

All of us have been in a place where we thought, “I wish I learn one intricate hairstyle that goes with everything!” Well, your search ends here! Grab your uncombed, unsorted hair and rotate the hair length together. Curl it into a bun and use the banana clip to secure the bun into place. Then, use a tail comb to pull out strands from a bun, and also pull some hair on your face. Use this hairstyle to complement a pair of jeans or a dress!

#10: Flat ponytail with banana clip bow

Call this the ‘work’ hair. So easy to pin up the hair just above your neck. Let the hair cover your ears. The neatness and simplicity of this hairstyle makes it a hit for the busy women. Be it your household work or work at office, this hairstyle frees you of all the hair management.

#11: Faux mohawk with banana clip

Faux mohawks are the real “in thing” these days. They bring out the highlights in a dramatic way, look really chic and cool and there are a hundred ways to achieve them. This mohawk has a diffused edgy feeling. Puff up the hair at the top of your mane and skip the hair gel. Use the banana clip to secure your hair. Let the loose hair dazzle with the wind. Showtime!

#12: Fast and easy banana clip bun

The banana clip should be used to lightly grab the hair. Use sections of your  hair and loosely roll them up, twist and turn and pin them in a bun. The banana clip should actually get hidden in this style. The whirls give it flower like look!

#13: Double sided bow banana clip hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for those who wish to look like a doll in a wonderland! The big flowery banana clip gives it a garden feeling. Some puffed hair and a ponytail with hair strands loosely twisted; isn’t that a cocktail?! A lifesaving hairstyle for women with long straight hair.

#14: Classic hair updo with banana clip

This slick and trendy hairstyle works for medium to long length hair. Sassy, highlighted and longish hair with a fringe? Although there are many hairstyles that suit this type of hair, this particular one would take just a few seconds! So go ahead, and make this hairstyle your best friend for life!

#15: Bridal hairstyle using banana clip

Talking of hairstyles that tease and dance and twist, bridal hairstyles come on top of the list. Leave your top mane and secure the rest with a banana clip. Use hair gel liberally but leave the ends. Use a good curling iron to make those twisted, knotty, maze like curls. Pin them up in a mohawk like shape so your hair looks like a party!

#16: Braided down do with banana clip bow

Lightly curl your hair using a curling iron. When you have those subtle curls to work with, gradually twist the sections of your hair and keep pinning them up in the center. After you have reached the halfway mark, use the banana bow clip to pull everything together and voila! This hairstyle can be a hit in the classiest parties or the most relaxed holidays.

#17: Bandana ribbon banana clip ponytail

Ribbons are making a comeback in the most sensational manner. Combine this bandana ribbon with lively floral prints and colored hair and the overall look of the hairstyle changes dramatically. You can choose to sport a low or a high ponytail and even experiment with puffs and dangling hair strands. This style really brings out the best in all hair textures.

#18: Banana comb hairstyle with side bangs

Women with light and medium length hair usually go for side bangs as a way to add volume and length to the hair. Perfect for this kind of hair, the banana comb hairstyle with side bangs can be worn to any sort of gathering. Give some curls to the hair or just leave them uncombed. Experiment with a wide variety banana comb embellishments such as pearls, crystals, flowers etc. to enhance the hairstyle according to the occasion.

#19: Banana clip ponytail length wise

Basic yet chic, the center ponytail using different kinds of banana clips is the best savior when it comes to formal hairstyles. This style really talks and brings out the professional, busy and perfection seeking personality of the one who sports it. Hit the work table wearing it and enjoy the admiration in your colleague’s eyes!


#20: Banana clip hairstyle for curly hair

No one else can understand the struggles of Indian curly haired women, than other curly haired Indian women! Those dancing locks should not be tamed, but left to explore the world! Just make sure they don’t wander around by putting a banana clip for their gate keeping!

#21: Banana clip down do with fringe

How about a hairstyle which is classy as well as modern? Curl up the hair at the top of your mane, and club it up with the rest of the hair using a banana clip! The fringe adds the desired oomph to this style, making it worthy of board meetings as well as weddings. So, if you got any formal event to attend and tight deadline to get ready, this hairstyle will save your day!


#22: Banana clincher ponytail for working out

Working out does not really demand any hairstyle. Just a way to keep those tresses off the face. Keeping in mind that the hair will encounter sweat but still has to look stylish, an unfussy and undemanding banana clip comes to our mind. Not only does this gym hairstyle look cool it also exudes the confidence and determination of the person sporting it!


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