Puff hairstyle refers to the raised hair made with the help of a comb, especially, right on the forehead. This hairstyle suits the women with a small forehead the most because it makes the forehead look bigger. No matter what kind of attires and jewelry one wears, the appeal of a beautiful hairstyle will never […]

Can a woman shave her hair and still look stylish? Well, this article answers the question to satisfactory levels. Read on. Shaving your hair is one of the easiest ways of getting an easy going style. You can finally save the hours you spend cleaning and applying different products on your hair. Further, older women […]

Creating beautiful, easy hairstyles for long hair with clip-in hair extensions doesn’t have to be difficult! Thanks to the ease of application with clip-in hair extensions by Kiki Hair there are plenty of unique, easy hairstyles that you can achieve at home with just a few little tricks that we’re going to share with you […]

Many women often find themselves spotting the right short hair style but, unfortunately, for the wrong face. However, there are hardly any reasons to heap the blame on them. Few people have mastered the art of choosing the perfect hairstyle for a certain shape of the face. At best, most of them settle for a […]

Feather cut hairstyles are layered hairstyles that involved a scissor cutting technique that results in the hair looking like the shape of a feather. They can look really trendy and in this post we will showcase all the variations that will look good on an Indian face. Feather cuts are super versatile and can be […]

Ambada hairstyles look beautiful on brides. The ambada hair jewelry will give you that traditional look that is minimalist at the same time. If you are looking for as simple bridal hairstyle then ambada judas are probably a good option for you. 8 Ambada hairstyles to get inspired for your wedding #1: Ambada and flowers […]

There are many hairstyles you can combine with a long skirt. From open side parted hair dos to nonchalant hair buns you can find something that suits you. Below we’ll take a look at how some of our Bollywood divas pull it off. Hopefully that will serve as a source for inspiration for you. 13 […]

Whether you’re wearing your hair up or down, if you’re having a good or bad hair day, trust the headband to instantly take your hairstyle up by a few notches. You will see in this post about headband hairstyles that not only can headbands add glamour to your look, it can also serve as a […]

Puff ponytails look great! Typically a puff hairstyle refers to raising the front part of the hair while a poof refers to raising the back part of the hair just above the crown. So I when I say puff ponytails I mean those hairstyles when the hair is teased just above the forehead to create […]

Bob hairstyles are becoming more and more common in Indian. They can look great on those of looking for a short to medium length hair cut. Your options are endless here. We will examine various bob hairstyles that play with symmetry, length, volume, curliness, texture and color. All of these bob cuts are specially chosen […]