30 Best Punjabi Hairstyles for Indian Girls

Hairstyles have always been a significant part of the overall look of the Punjabi Kudi. With long, luscious hair, the girls of Punjab have been blessed with some of the most beautiful hair in India. Which is why we have the perfect treat for you ladies. From chic and fun to evergreen classics, we present to you these gorgeous Punjabi hairstyles that look grand but are super easy to do.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Your busy schedules and corporate jobs do not allow for the time needed to style your hair elaborately. The good news for you is that these Punjabi hairstyles do not need you to spend intensive hours with a blow dryer, curler or straightening iron. A five minute prep time with a comb (and maybe hairspray) and you are good to go.

So whether it’s an office party, a huge family get-together or even a night out with friends, try out our thirty latest Punjabi hairstyles to make eyes pop. Traditionally long or modern and medium length, these hairstyles will ensure that your hair remains the talk of the town. So here we go  ladies, get ready to flaunt your locks!

30 Punjabi hairstyles to try out this year

#1: Punjabi style bubble pony

Try out this simple, yet amazing looking pony hair style. What makes this hairstyle so great is that a couple of rubber bands are all you need. Start out by tying your hair into a regular ponytail. Then tie your hair with the rubber bands at regular intervals. Now all you need to do is to pull at the hair between the bands and you get the perfect bubble pony. Ok, we started off with one of the more daring Punjabi hairstyles. Let’s move on though!

#2: The Punjabi style updo

The best part about Punjabi hairstyles is that they look great in an updo. If you were raised in a traditional Punjabi family you must have noticed how much women folk like to tie their hair up in a knot and not without good reason. All you need to do to upgrade the regular Punjabi-style updo is to twist a few strands, loosen the bun and let your bangs frame your face. Voila! You have a great hairstyle in practically no time.

 #3: The messy fishtail braid

The fishtail braid might look complicated and elaborate but the beauty of this hairstyle is that once you get the hang of it, it will become your go-to style for a rushed morning. This hairstyle suits jeans perfectly. If you have a long day ahead or a lot of travelling to do, the Fishtail is your best bet because the messier it gets, the more pretty it looks.

#4: Puff with Braid

The puff is the latest hairstyle that seems to have made a comeback into the country. For a Punjaban this is definitely reason to rejoice. Your everyday, go to, hairstyle need not require intricate braiding. Just tease your hair in the front and pin it up. Braid your hair or let your ringlets fall loosely around your face. If the heat is too much you could even do the rest of your hair in an updo.

#5: The chotli braid

The Chotli braid is perfect for any day you want to soak up the tradition of Punjabi hairstyles. A very simple yet traditional hairstyle, all it takes to get the perfect chotli braid is a long braid and a chotli accessory of your choice. Tie your hair and simply pin up you chotli to look like your grandmom’s favourite Punjabi kudi.

#6: The triple braided bun

If you are looking Punjabi hairstyles that look truly elaborate then the triple braided way is your best bet. A gorgeous looking extravaganza of multiple braids put up in a low or high bun, the hairstyle looks truly intricate. The secret though is that all it takes are three normal braids pulled together in a bun. Shhhh… don’t let out the trick behind this beautiful updo!

#7: The classic chignon

The truth about the chignon is that it is just a fancy form of the regular bun. However, it must be admitted that the chignon never goes out of style. So mix a little bit of the French with the Punjabi in you to impress even your mother-in-law!

 #8: The gajra entwined braid

This is another one of those Punjabi hairstyle that brings out the desi girl inside of you. Attending a wedding or paying a regular visit to the temple and don’t know what to do with your hair? Fret not! Simply tie your into a braid of your choice and entwine it with a gajra or flower garland. Along with giving you the perfect hairstyle to match your Sari or Salwar Kameez, the gajra will make sure that you smell great throughout the day.

#9: The Gajra entwined bun

If you really like the Gajra entwined braid but don’t have the time for braiding out your hair, then here’s an option that you will truly like. Just tie your hair into a neat bun and lace it out with the gajra of your choice. This hairstyle is a favoured by Bollywood celebs and has made an appearance is several famous movie scenes. It’s basically kind of like a hair hostess hairstyle but with flowers. Take a look here to see the fabulous end result.

#10: The puff and ponytail

The best part about the latest trends in ponytails is that they are anything but perfect. That’s right the less perfect your hair looks, the more trendy your ponytail is deemed to be. Deepika Padukone is rocking the perfect example of a trendy ponytail. A little bit of lipstick pulled together with a ‘just-right’ messy ponytail and you would look like a B-Town star.

#11: Punjabi paranda laced braid

A Punjabi hairstyles list would be totally incomplete without mention of the truly Punjabi Parandi. Imagine a Punjabi girl and the first thing that comes to mind is long hair, pulled into a braid and attached with a paranda. A ‘Paranda’ is a threaded hair accessory that can be braided into your hair. If you are about to dance to  Bhangra tunes, this hairstyle will serve as the perfect accompaniment.

#12: Sea salt curls

The best part of this hairstyle is that it is one of the most effortless of all the styles. Punjabi hairstyles often tend to be naturally curly like Kangana Ranaut’s hair below. A nice wash with conditioning along with a bit of texturizing or sea salt spray is all you need to get the perfect locks. You can even give the comb a skip for this one!

 #13: The romantic side braid

If you’re going out on a date tonight or need to impress a special someone, the ‘Romantic Side Braid’ like its name suggests, will serve as the perfect aphrodisiac. Tie any style of braid to the side and tug it a little loose. This side swept hairstyle is sure to make you irresistibly sexy.

#14: The beehive

If you are looking to truly make a statement and want to achieve the perfect retro look, try out the Beehive. Though this hairstyle looks like it requires a hairdressing degree to achieve, it really is simple. A hairspray, a teasing comb and some confidence are all you require to perfect the Beehive like Aishwarya Rai.

#15: The messy bun

The messy bun has always remained a favourite among women across the world. It is also perfect for the hot and humid air of Punjab. A low bun pulled at the seams is all it takes to create this ideal hairstyle. If you have bangs, you can either pin them up or let them frame your face like the model here.

#16: The five strand braid

If you are looking for a complicated looking braid that is simple to make, the five strand braid awaits you. A bit of practice will ensure that your well practised three strand fingers transition to the five strand hairstyle. If you have a school going daughter, or are in school yourself, these types of Punjabi hairstyles will suit the school uniforms very well.

#17: The Dutch braid in a Punjabi way

A simple Dutch Braid can be truly elevated with this hairstyle. Make a Dutch braid with a few strands of hair, towards one side. Then pull together the rest of the hair into a sleek ponytail. If you have short hair, you can even let the rest of your hair loose.

#18: Two sided French braid

Popularly called the Sagar Choti, the French braid has always remained one of the most favoured Punjabi hairstyle. The two-sided French braid is a twist on the popular French braid. It entails parting the hair into two and making a separate French braid on either side. This is also another hairstyle that is sure to bring out a smile on a schoolgirl’s face.

 #19: The dupatta framed hair

For most Indians and for Punjabis in particular, the Dupatta is an integral part of the everyday look.  If you are used to covering your head with a dupatta, don’t just write off these traditional Punjabi hairstyles. This Punjabi bridal hairstyle look gorgeous for example. All you need to do is frame the border of the Dupatta away from your crown.  You can then carry any style of braid or even a puff and look truly regal.

#20: The braided headband

This is a simple hairstyle and works well with any type of hair. Take a few strands of hair on either side and braid them. Cross them over each other and let the rest of the hair fall freely beneath the headband. Whether your hair is sleek like Aishwarya’s here or curly, this simple hairstyle will definitely add to your oomph.

#21: Wind swept waves

Getting perfectly natural looking waves is any woman’s dream. The winds of Punjab will surely give you the natural touch to this look. Simply wash your hair and add some texturizing spray. Scrunch your hair and let it air dry. The wind truly does the rest.

 #22: Architectural updo

A simple hairstyle that can truly look wonderful. If you are on the lookout for a hairstyle that will look great at a grand event or party, the architectural braid is your best bet.

#23: The twisted fishtail

The twisted fishtail is very much like the regular fishtail, but it adds a little something to the overall look. All it basically is a half hair braid that begins with a twist at the top. The remaining hair is let loose. If you’ve mastered the simple fishtail, the twisted version of the hairstyle is an easy next step.

 #24: The pull apart

The pull apart is not a hairstyle by itself, but rather a trick that epitomizes deconstructed hairstyles. It works with any hairstyle and gives a bold overall look. The pull apart means loosening your hair under any hairstyle, while ensuring that the number of flyways is just perfect. This trick is a must-try by every busy Punjabi woman as it hides the real flyways perfectly.

#25: The halo braid

If you are tired of long hair and want to enjoy going short without wearing a bun, the halo braid is what you have been looking for. The hairstyle will most definitely make jaws drop and are perfect for the Punjabi woman or even a Punjabi bride. If you want this Greek goddess hairstyle you have to master the art of braiding your hair into sections and wrapping them around your head. The halo will ensure that you are always the most elegant woman in the room.

#26: The French roll

The French roll is a timeless hairstyle that requires a bit of practice. To get the perfect French roll like Audrey Hepburn here, requires some rollers, quite a bit of hairspray and a lot of patience. However, once you master the art of making the French roll hairstyle, have no doubt, there will be no stopping you.

#27: The waterfall braid

The waterfall braid is an easy to do hairstyle that gives you a touch of classic glamour. This hairstyle, involves weaving in a strand of air in an otherwise normal side braid. With a little practice this could become your go to hairstyle be it an office party or a picnic with the family.

#28: The double top knot

If you are young and carefree this hairstyle is a true expression of your personality. This hairstyle that gives off a hint of defiance, has become a raging hit among young girls around the world.  With just the amount of confidence, there is no simpler hairstyle that makes a better statement.

#29: The outward curls with long hair (don’t care)

The outward curls are a reversed take on the classic curls. They are simple enough to create and only involve placing your curling tool, whether rollers or an iron, in the reverse direction. Though reverse curls work great on hair of any length. This hairstyle looks particularly good on long hair. If you are a Punjabi girl who wants people to wonder what the twist in your hairstyle is, go for the reverse curls and keep the admirers guessing.

#30: The half bun

The half bun is another statement hairstyle that brings a lot to the overall look of a woman. Shraddha Kapoor shows exactly how a half bun is carried off. Pull up half of the hair into a bun while, styling the rest of the hair as per your choice. Shake on some attitude, pull on your party clothes and the half bun will truly make you the star of the night.

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