Who we are

I have a head of big frizzy curls.

In grade six I was called ‘jhaadu baal’ or broomstick head 😐

I spent a great portion of my pocket money on buying new hair conditioners but in vain. My hair was the bane of my existence.

Nowadays I like my hair better. It is still frizzy and curly. The difference between 11 year old me and (*cough* wise old *cough*) me now, is that I’ve learnt to love my hair the way it is.

I’m  Ms. Monkey. Nice to meet you.

Mr. Monkey is the brain behind this site. His hair is smooth, brown and shiny. He is a stealthy worker, always deep in thought; no monkey business for him. And I do not know what he spent his pocket money on as a child.


What this site is about

This website brings to Indian girls all the hairstyles they want to find and learn to do on their own hair. It features hairstyles for short, medium length and long hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, straight hair, fine hair, highlighted hair…you name it! We do not have any hair prejudices unlike those women in the parlours! (“Aapke baal to curly hai!” “Straighten kar lo na.”) Grrrr.

Our mission

To have the answer to every Indian girl’s hairstyle query 🙂

Indian hair is beautiful.

How to contact us

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