20 Side swept Indian hairstyles you won’t be able to resist

Side swept hairstyles are pretty awesome for both long and short hair. There is something very female about a side swept hairstyle and they are especially popular in India. I guess one of the things that make them stand out is the asymmetry of it all. Check out the hairstyles below and enjoy!

20 side swept hairstyle suited to Indian hair

#1:  Waterfall curls and braid side sweep

This one is super cute. Just plait one side of your hair and let the other side cascade down in a waterfall over the shoulder. Wear a smart outfit like a gown or a chic t-shirt with shorts to expel sophistication.

#2:  Side swept puff with thick curly locks

Most side swept hairstyles have this cascading effect. In this picture, we see that the cascading waterfall effect is complemented by a side parting that is raised and almost becomes a puff hairstyle. At the length of the hair, add some loose curls and showcase the happy you!


#3:  Side swept short curly hairstyle

This short curly hairstyle looks really hip wouldn’t you agree? The curls have been combed to one side and flow down on the other side of the face down to the neck. Throw on a beautiful ear accessory and keep the hair on one side to look just the perfect girl in every sense. Wanna try?


#4: Side swept long Indian hairstyle

It’s always exciting to see a side swept hairstyle with traditional Indian bridal attire and hairpieces because it makes a nice blend of tradition and modern fashion. A very simple and beautiful hairstyle looks great on jet black hair! Dress up like a pure Indian girl wearing a hair-do that gives you fashion goals.


#5:  Side swept locks on Indian hairstyle

These long Indian princess locks look extremely elegant. They are flowing freely and look like they are as light as candy floss. Are you the one blessed with black hair? Then make the most out of it by sporting an Indian Salwar suit with heavy accessories on your upcoming function or a party.


#6:  Side swept Indian hairstyle with choli

Look no less than a diva when you wear this marvelous hair-do. Earn a lot of compliments with this simple yet elegant hairstyle pulled to the side that gives a nice fluffy look to your thin hair. Use a curler to toss your thin locks and wear a smart lehenga choli to complete the look.


#7:  Side swept hairstyle with Indian saree

Sarees are an all time favorite of every Indian girl. Hit the party with your gorgeous appearance by wearing this hairstyle with a saree. It looks good on every face and body shape. A little curling and gelling on the hair will do the honor where the loose curls will form a sophisticated and rich hairstyle.


#8:  side swept fishtail braid hairstyle

Braids are capturing the attention due to the ease they give to the wearer. Look smart and sexy with the side swept fishtail braid and be a little messy on the other side of the head. Keep some hair loose falling on the shoulder and wear any attire to pull off the look.


#9:  side swept downdo braid

Isn’t it beautiful? No extra hard work is there on your part to do this down-do braid. Wake up in the morning and quickly take the batches of hair, curl them up over another and there you go! Head to the office wearing this hairstyle and let people compliment you for your stylish looks.


#10:  side swept curtain hair

Unwashed hair? No worries! This side swept curtain hair will make you ready for a party this evening. Add few rough curls in the hair length and twist the two batches of hair. Keep the front hair a bit loose to get the desired look. Don’t apply hair spray though. Consider blow drying to put volume in the hair.


#11:  side swept braid with Indian choli

A professional hair-do for Indian traditional occasions. Add tight curls in the whole hair starting from the crown area to the back. Make a smart braid on the side of the shoulder and adorn it with a nice accessory piece to make people awestruck with your charming beauty.


#12:  side swept braid to one side

This one is a messy side swept braid that is worn on one side. Few bobby pins and a little effort will help you get the perfect royal look. Make a casual puff on the front and move to the hair length by twisting and curling the hair to form a chic and girly braid.


#13: Messy half chignon brought forward

Oh-my-my! Fall in love with this messy half chignon hair-do that is sure to turn heads towards your mind-blowing beauty. Wear this hairstyle with a white attire to exude magic all over the town. Doll up the messy back hair with white flowers and throw in some stones over the braid if you wish to.

#14: lazy downdo over shoulder

Highlights are in trend and when messy loose hairdo forms a nice ensemble, get ready to enjoy your appearance. Feel confident with this lazy and messy hairstyle that you can achieve by simply curling, twisting and turning the hair locks at the back. It will make every jaw drop when you walk out!

#15: Indian fishtail braid on the side

Combine the wonderful magic and creativity of an Indian fishtail braid with loose hair on the side. To make it look rugged, you can add some loose curls. Toss the loose hair here and there to create a complimentary look when worn with a casual daily attire. In any case, it is a must-try braid!


#16: Diagonal braid

Hang out with this diagonal braid that is extremely simple to knot the hair at the back. With a light tint of golden highlights, this hair-do adds a sense of sensuality and composure to your whole persona. Simply take the bunch of hair and quickly tie them in knots. Give it a try for sure!


#17: Curly locks over one shoulder with side parting

Curly locks hair-do adds a class and subtleness to your appearance. Simple yet elegant! If you have been doing rounds to look the best on your B-day, this hairstyle is a must to spot. It looks tidy as well as messy. Just look from some distance and leave everyone shell-shocked.

#18: Braid down do over shoulders

This one is a true messy hairdo with a down-do braid falling over the shoulders. Make a braid from the crown area till the back and leave the remaining hair randomly by tying the rough knots. Leave it loose, tight, messy or organized, this one has it all. Simply looks sexy!

#19: Braid down do over shoulders

Yet another half-neat braid falling down the shoulders with a side puff. A lot is going with this braid that is a perfect mix match of two hairstyles. A messy poof on the front and a loose curly length at the side makes this one the talk of the town. Don’t miss out on this one, for sure!

#20: Side braid with curly locks over shoulder

Tie your long locks in a side braid and head over to your next party! Isn’t it a girly hair-do? Pick hair randomly and make a loose messy plait by leaving some hair strands out to add more indulgent looks. Go hand in hand with your BAE and make the most out of it!


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