12 Sangeet hairstyles to make you shine

Every Indian girl grows up dreaming about the day she will get married. Traditionally, Indian weddings go on for about 4 days if not more! One of the most awaited functions is the Sangeet ceremony. This is the day to sing and dance and enjoy! It is also the opportunity to do up your hair in the way that you want. All other ceremonies demand a lot of involvement on part of the family members. On the other hand, the Sangeet function demands you to let yourself loose, shed all the inhibitions and simply enjoy the good time with family!

To get you through this fun night, below are some fun and trendy sangeet hairstyles that will make you look at that mirror a little bit longer!

12 Beautiful sangeet hairstyles to consider

#1: Simple down do

Long hair is common amongst Indian women especially Punjabi girls. This hairstyle keeps it simple. You just need some curls and some bobby pins! Make sure you use lots of hair gel as well to keep those curls in place. This hairstyle would go with most lehenga or anarkali outfits available in the market. You can easily pull this off at home!

#2: Side puff and braid

Long hair? Braid it! Thin hair? Puff it up! This simple hairstyle never goes out of style. Partition your hair around the side and use some backcombing to puff up the top mane. Also backcomb the hair at the back of your head and pin it up. Braid the length of your hair using the oh-so-lovely paranda!

#3: Sangeet party fishtail braid

Looking to grab some extended attention on a sangeet party? Adorn the intricate fishtail braid. If you have thick long hair and some teasing highlights, this hairstyle is just for you! Sport some side bangs and make a puff at the center of your mane. Give a little curl to the bang and rock the party with this hairstyle!

#4: Low loose bun

This never goes out of fashion! No, really! Just about any dress, just about any age group, just about any hair texture, just about any occasion, the low loose bun just takes everything to a whole new level! You can even choose to accessorize it with little trinkets here and there. Choose a side which suits your face profile for the bun to rest on.

#5: Sangeet function cascading braid hairstyle

Grab hold of all those bobby pins and the rubber bands! Set yourself up for this gorgeous hairstyle that is totally meant for a sangeet night. Puff up sections of your front hair to make a sideways puff. Let all the loose stands be, as we will need them later. Also poof up hair at the back of your head. Now, very delicately plait small sections and be liberal with the twists and turns and twirls that ensue! Let some hair fall on the sides of your face to maintain the mysterious quotient!

#6: Sangeet ceremony side braid

Not all hairstyles are meant for the faint hearted! Warm your family before sporting this one! You might need help in pulling this one off but all the effort will be worth it when the result is something like this! Divide your hair into several sections and slowly build up the little serpentine windings. Add the dazzle of accessories matching your outfit. Pin up the end of the hair using a band.

#7: Princess locks and poof

This hairstyle is one of the most royal ones you would come across. If you are wearing a gown or any flowy dress, this hairstyle will elevate the hotness quotient by a hundred times! Make a big poof at the top of your mane. Now pick up sections of hair from the sides of your head and make a ‘U’ shape and pin them at the back. Do this with very small sections of hair to complete the look. Now, use a curling iron to create long, big, bold curls on the long hair.

#8: Pinned flowers and side maang tikka

This hairstyle is an amalgamation to so many things! Indian and Persian cultures, dark and light hues, simplicity and complexity. Side part your hair in a 70/30 ratio. Pin up the side hair into some lovely curls, almost like a muffin topped with cream! Braid the rest of the hair in a loose braid. Flowers are the in thing this season with most decors using a flowery theme. So go ahead and add those little blossoms on your braid. Fix a big maang tikka on the other side and say hello in style!

#9: Mermaid hairstyle

This hairstyle is for all face types, but if you have a longish face with sharp features, this style will accentuate the overall look to being that of a royal princess! Maintain the symmetry in style by keeping everything center. Add a false bun at the top of your mane. Cover it up with sections of the hair and pin them over the hair bun. Now make a mermaid style braid by gently tucking in the sections. Leave some loose strands here and there so keep up the randomness in the order.

#10: Classic updo

This very lovely bun has been a hot with ladies of all age groups and all eras! Partition your hair in the middle. Now, slowly twist small sections of the hair and pin them up at the back. Try and achieve a messy twist rather than a clean twist. Pull the hair at the back to form a ‘jooda’ or a bun. Use our friend, the ‘gajra’, to hold the bun together and also to add the natural fragrance to your personality!

#11: Braided juda

Hairstyles like this one don’t meet our eye very often, so grab hold of this one! A Simple, messy and super fast hairstyle! Braid a small section of the hair to make a hair band for your washed, blow dried and lightly gelled hair. Tie the rest of the hair in the form of twirls. Not only do they add volume to the hairstyle, it also gives a very pricey look to the hair!

#12: Braid and flowers sangeet hairstyle

Last hairstyle on the list but definitely the simplest one to pull off! Choose a side parting that complements your profile. Leave some side bangs or just loose hair on the side. Make a loose braid out of the hair. Use a nice garland to embrace your hair in a round manner and tadaa! You are ready to rock that sangeet party!


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