How to make different hairstyles: 10 instructive videos

We often search for instructions on how to make different indian hairstyles and the internet is packed with heaps of content. To make things easy we scoured the top video sites for Indian hairstyles and selected the best videos on how to make different hairstyles.

Best Video tutorials for different Indian hairstyles

#1: Braided bun for saree

This clip has step by step instructions on how to make a braided updo. The video is short and the instructions clear although a tad bit too fast. However the outcome is stunning and would be a perfect updo hairstyle to do with a saree. Just follow the steps through and you will look stunning.


#2: How to make an Indian low side bun

To make this simple but beautiful hairstyle you need to follow the steps through by starting with a braid. The tutorial will then instruct you on how to bundle it up in a superb side braid. The style is unique and is a clever to tie up long hair in a stylish way. A side braid like this can look great in a salwar, saree or event in western attire such as jeans and a top.


#3: 8 summer hairstyles tutorial

This video tutorial plays around a lot with the concept of braids. The presenter takes you through hip side braids, fishtail braids and braided buns. If braiding is your thing then be sure to check out this video.

#4: How to make a rope waterfall step by step

If you want to show off to your friends at school or college then make sure you check out this step by step guide on how create this unique looking waterfall hairstyles. At first it might seem complicated but if you give it a go I am pretty sure you will be able to do it.

#5: Indian wedding hairstyles step by step video

These hairstyles work perfectly for weddings but you don’t need to be getting married to try them out. You can use any excuse really. They will both look perfect on any type of clothing.

#6: Most awesome hairstyles in just a few seconds

In this video Sarah Angius walks us through a variety of hairstyles that are in tune with the modern Indian aesthetic. From puff and braids to messy buns and twisty updos you will get the full array of Indian hairstyles. Most of the hairstyles she presents are extremely fashionable. So if you want to trendy look for 2016 make sure to check out her video above.


#7: Super professional looking hair bun

I am sure you have seen this bun on mnay occasions but have always wondered how to do it. Well wait not more! In this video you will learn how to make a beautiful braided sock bun. You only need one large hairband as an accessory and you are good to go. You might need help from a friend to tell whether everything is going smoothly or not. This bun will especially suit formal Indian attira such as a saree or choli. It would also look nice in a western skirt and is perfect for the office as well.


#8: Indian Hairstyle video tutorial for medium hair

This video shows you how to make some pretty cool updos. The presenter has thick messy curls that tie up perfectly into intricate layers. All three hairstyles are super easy to make so I encourage you to take a look at all of them.

#9:  Step by step video for 3 stunning hairstyles

Missy Sue plays around a lot with the concept of layers and braids. The first two of these hairstyles are based on the concept of a braided crown. So this will give you that princess look if that is what you want. The last hairstyle is more of a multilayered down do that is definitely going to get heads turning if you try it.

#10: Best hairstyles for Indian hair by 3 vloggers

This video tutorial contains three video bloggers’ instructions on how to do different hairstyles. The first shows a cool way to make double braids, the second works with conr braids and the third showcases how to make a neat side waterfall hairstyle.

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