22 Hairstyles for curly haired Indian women

Let’s face it ladies! Curly hair can get out of control. It gets tangled and messy and sometimes we wake up like a bhadrakali

just awoken messy hairstyle

or Sai Baba.

Sai Baba bushy unkempt hairstyle

Others find themselves plugging in the hair iron in order to get that frizz  tamed. But that’s a shame because the curly hairstyles can look unique and wonderful. Hairstyles for curly hair come in all shapes and sizes: wavy, frizzy, kinked, crinkly, corkscrew, wiry, crimped, thick or thin. And while you might be tired of seeing the same hair every day believe me other are jealous of those curly locks and wish their hair wasn’t so boring. So here we’ll show you a variety of curly hairstyles for Indian hair that you can try.

Indian hairstyles for curly hair

#1: Shruti Hassan Indian curly locks

Shruti Hassan’s curly locks are very becoming. They flow down evenly onto the shoulders on either side. This curly hairstyle doesn’t require much apart from side parting your hair and letting flow down and in front of your shoulders. If you want to exact same curly hairstyle but you hair is only wavy then you can give you hair some ringlet curls about 3 quarters way up.

 #2: Aishwarya Rai Indian curly hairstyles

Here is another cool way to wear you hair loose. The trick here is to comb your hair backwards and away from you forehead. Fasten at the back with a hair clip and let the rest of you hair drop loosely on your shoulders and back. If you have long hair then you should definitely check out our other pics with hairstyles for long hair.

#3: Indian curly hair updo with puff

The great thing about curls is that they create a lot of texture and volume. Tying your hair up into a messy bun can be very decorative. Leave a few strands loose if you want to get that messy curls look. The distinguishing feature of this curly hairstyle though is the front puff. This is an all time Indian favourite and we’ve noted it’s trending strongly in 2016 as well. The hairstyle is extremely simple to do. All you need to do is backcomb your front hair to make a raised front puff. Then tie up the rest of your long hair into a tidy or messy bundle at the back. This curly hairstyle also works well with medium length hair as well.

#4: Big curly updo for long hair 2016

Here we have a simple curly hairstyle for medium hair. The key here is to tie the hair up into a high pony hairstyle. The added height that this hairstyle give you will give you extra presence in the room. Leave a few side bangs to frame your face if it is round.


#5: Braid hairstyles for long curly hair

A nice alternative to even out curly frizzy Indian hair is to create twin braids. This is perfect for medium or long hair. It is a great hairstyle to sport at college and will surely start some conversations for reminiscing about school.

braid hairstyles for long curly hair

#6: Easy curly hairstyle for long hair

If you have long Indian curly hair don’t be afraid of the “long hair don’t care” look. Let it loose and wear it proudly. A side parting and bringing forward in front of your shoulder will empower you feminine side.

#7: Free flowing curly hairstyle

If you are lucky enough to have smooth locks then let those ringlets free. An open hairstyle is perfectly suited for going out partying or to collage. If you have frizzy Indian hair you can use a hair iron to smoothen and curl the ringlets more uniformly. This will create those princess locks you see in the pic above.

free flowing curly hairstyle

#8: High ponytail for long curly locks

A ponytail such as in the image above is perfectly suited to Indian girls with curly hair. The high pony hairstyle is ideal for formal functions such as a wedding reception or party. It’s pretty easy to get these type of curly locks using a hair iron (video on curly locks in 5 minutes) but if you don’t have a hair iron don’t fret because there are ways to curl your hair naturally though you might have to bundle your hair up and let it sit for a while so that the crinkles can form.

#9: High curly ponytail for long hair

If you have curly frizzy Indian hair you hair probably looks something like this. Tying it up in this “pineapple” updo is a super cool artsy way to wear it. Because this hairstyle is quite  complex it will make a nice contrast with simple clothes. For example try to combine it with  jeans and a simple top. Denim suits top knot hairstyles well. Add a big necklace for a more ethnic look.

High-Curly-Ponytail for long hair

#10: Long and loose curly hairstyle

Here is another version of a long and frizzy curly hairstyle.It just goes to show that long curly worn in an open hairstyle can look beautiful.

Long and loose curly hairstyle

#11: Long curly hairdo

This curly hairstyle would be perfect for any Indian girl with long hair. What makes it stand apart is the front fringe. Let the bangs drop loosely over the forehead to eyebrow height and then comb back the rest of you hair and clasp it at the top. This is a super cute and very simple curly hairstyle that will surely get heads turning in college.

#12: Loose curly hairstyle for long hair


Long frizzy hair does not always have to be side parted when it worn open like in the image above. This is a great example of how a middle parting can look beautiful too.

#13: Medium length kinked hairstyle

This kinked hairstyle is perfect for medium length hair. Middle part it and wear it shoulder length. The secret to make you stand out in India is to dye your hair. A curly balayage is an excellent option that will create multiple patterns and colors.

#14: Naturally curly hair updo

If you hair is naturally curly wavy or frizzy then wearing it in a high updo can look very becoming. Note how simple this hairstyle is and how the curls now become a feature of the hairstyle that will make smooth haired girls envious. An added bonus is that this hairstyle was probably done in under 10 seconds.

#15: Open hairstyles for frizzy hair

This open hairstyle showcases frizz power in all its glory. Some girls are tired of their curls. Others are somewhat ashamed. But when you make that decision to proud of you hair as it is then you will exude that energy and pride onto others. An open hairstyle such as this on exudes self confidence and femininity.

Open hairstyles for frizzy hair

#16: Open wavy hairstyles

We love this curly hairstyle because it suits the Indian aesthetic. There is a lot of volume on top that tapers down to fine curls in front of the shoulders and down the back. The double colors play tricks on the eye and the whole effect is mesmerising.

#17: Ponytail hairstyle for long curls

Here we have a nice contrast between smoothness and kinks. The hair has been combed back possibly with help of some hairspray. This make a nice contrast with the flowing kinky hair at the back. If you wondering how to make these type of curls this is a pretty good video on how to curl and crimp your hair.

#18: Short crinkly angled bob

Short curly hairstyles work well in the shape of angled bobs. This means that hair is longer in front than it is at the back. Here the long curly front bangs look stunning.

#19: Side parted curly hair hairstyle

You can go for this latin south american look by side parting your hair and wearing it to one side. The cascading curls look beautiful. Try adding a white or red rose to make the look even more unique and appealing.

Side parted curly hair hairstyle

#20: Simple Indian hairstyles for curly hair

This simple Indian hairstyle for curly hair is parted in the middle and left to flow backwards and down. The Maang tikka matches the saree and wedding spirit of the look.

#21: Updo for Curly Hair

This updo for wavy hair is very becoming. Leaving loose strands makes the whole hairstyle much more interesting to look at. To achieve the slightly curls loose strands you can you use a curling iron (that link is pretty good by the way).


#22: Aishwarya Rai Medium Curled Hair style

Finally Aishwarya does her curly locks like a pro. Even if you have nice wavy locks it sometime helps to take a hair iron and make the curls more uniform.


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