50 Messy hairstyles for Indian women and girls

Let’s face it! Messy hairstyles are lazy hairstyles in disguise. They are easy to do and oftentimes we create some pretty unique tangled knots that look good by mistake. The messy hairstyle is usually well suited to Indian women and girls with long or medium length hair and can come in many forms:buns, braids, updos, downdos and more. The key trick to making a messy braid is in creating a distressed look by pulling it apart or leaving lots of strands of wispy locks loose. Messy updos can look particularly appealing on long Indian hair as well.

50 Indian Messy hairstyles

#1:  Undone updo

This messy bun has college days written all over it. The hair is braided on one side and then brought up and around to the right hand side of the head where it is sloppily bunched up. Try this out with a tank top  or other western clothing when going out to party.