21 Kareena Kapoor hairstyles that look gorgeous

I don’t know about you but Bebo has always been my favorite Bollywood fashionista.

She is beautiful, and looks great even without make-up, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. From Refugee to Jab We Met to Chamak Challo, Kareena Kapoor had quite the journey, and taken us all along with her!

21 Kareena Kapoor hairstyles you can be inspired by:

#1: Punjabi kudi look

Kapoor sports a cool Punjabi kudi look here with her jhumkas and side braid. The slightly loose strands make this simple punjabi suit look a little more kitsch.


#2: Kareena Kapoor loose hair with saree

Kareena looks drop dead gorgeous in this simple long ironed hair style and saree with light zari. This is a pretty look for an occasion such as a graha pravesha, langar or satsang. Incidentally, it is a nice hair look for office events and parties as well.


#3: Side braid with front puff

For this look, Kareena’s hair has been lifted and braided before combining it into a longer side-braid. The look works with both big jhumka type of earrings as well as without. On an unrelated note – I’ve always wondered if Kareena actually has her ears pierced.


#4: Twisted side braid

This funky new age braid is so funky, it’s hard to explain. It seems like a regular braid that had some side hair twisted around it and then it was all tied up. Great look for the beaches of Goa. Sunburn, here you come!


#5: Formal step cut

This step cut has been ironed neatly to show off the steps and layers. It has been glossed and set in place with hairspray. Try something similar for engagement and dinner parties. Kareena seems to have worn this hair to a Naturals beauty salon promotional event.


#6: High Volume Beach Waves

I love how Kareena’s voluminous kaftan has been paired with a voluminous hairstyle! I usually go for the opposite – loose hair with tight outfit or braided hair with loose clothes. But this high puff with highlighted beach waves works beautifully with her designer kaftan, cigarette pants and stilettos.


#7: Walk the ramp

This high updo and high-key make up make Kareena look oh-so-spectacular and runway ready! The puff and the winged eyes go really well with her high collared jacket. The updo has been braided right from behind the crown.


#8: Sleek ponytail for sleek outfits

This neatly combed back ponytail almost has an angular look to it. It rises slightly in the center. The angled pony matches her pointed shoes. The sleek hair matches the sleek black outfit. Win-win for bebo!


#9: Baby Doll look

This straight and fine feathered hairstyle is given an edge with a half up twist. Kareena has a puffed center and side parted hair that is twisted up and clipped behind.


#10: Tidy hair bun for saree

This tousled and twisted high bun almost looks like a mess bun, but it’s neat. Tricky, huh. Anyway, a high bun is really great for when you want to wear a highly embellished blouse and saree along with a heavy set like Kareena’s kundan jewelry.


#11: Tousled wavy strands let loose

This ice princess like voluminous look calls for blow dried and twisted back hair. Kareena has a layered haircut that has highlights. Add a volumizing spray after blow drying. Kareena chose to flip all her hair to one side – the side without the embellishments on her outfit!


#12: Kareena with traditional bun

This is such a simple and beautiful hairstyle for any mandir visit. Kareena looks lovely in a high bun and maang tika. Her earrings are special for the occasion. Wear this to a pooja or to the temple to feel special without being overdressed.


#13: Glam bam silky hair

Bring out the shine spray. And the lights. And the red lipstick and the smile to go with it! Glam bam is what this look is all about. Kareena flaunts shiny and glossy tresses with a side parting. The back of her hair seems to be backcombed for added glam-bam. Go for it!


#14: Diamante Maang Tikka

This looks like a Lux advertisement. Kareena wears an elaborate maang tika with a neat bun and wispy strands of hair. She looks dreamy and royal. If you’re trying the elaborate head gear, try wearing it at dusk for added charm and mystery. Couple with smoky eyes.


#15: Silky feather cut

Kareena shows off her feathered haircut in this straightened, loose hair look. Her hair frames her face and her shoulders very beautifully. Try it out with an off shoulder dress or any gown or top where you want to flaunt your shoulders through your hair.


#16: Middle parted French chignon

Kareena seems to have shorter hair in this lovely, messy French chignon. She wears it well with a black sleeveless long vest and cigarette pants. Very classy, modern and chic.


#17: College girl wavy hairstyle

This college girl Kareena hair style can be tried by any college girl! Just wash your hair at night, coil up damp hair with a basic hair product like Livon Silky Potion and go to sleep. All eyes will be on you in college the next day, and not because you chose to wear a ridiculous striped T-shirt.


#18: Low braided bun with ringlets

Kareena’s hairstylist really worked her highlights into this hair style. She flaunts them in a small French braid that gets added to a larger low bun. The wispy strands in front are pretty and frame her face. This is a nice hairstyle for a boat neck top or chudidhar. Can also try it with a Chinese collar.


#19: Middle parted and loose

Now this look takes me back to the early 2000s, to Kareena’s K3G and Duppatta Mera days, either way, though dated, a good blow dry on a step cut never fails a casual outfit.


#20: Classy bun with side parting and puff

For this regal look, Kareena is wearing a low bun with a deep side parting and high puff. This style can be worn with medium length hair that has a fake bun attached to it at the back. Great for weddings and other events. Find yourself on page 3 the next day!


#21: Side parted fresh look

In this casual and contemporary look, Kareena looks gorgeous with neatly trimmed hair that has the right amount of separation. Having trimmed ends makes a world of a difference when flaunting hairstyles like these. Keep ends healthy!

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