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It’s true that a lot of Indian women have long hair. This reflects both tradition and stereotypes of beauty.

There is a wide variety of hairstyles you can do if you have long hair. Most women get bored of their hair after a while so curling or straightening lends itself to breaking up the monotony.

On the other hand there is not enough content out there to help those with medium length hair out. I define medium length hair as hair starting anywhere from the neck to the armpits. Medium length hair can look very fashionable and there are some pretty cool hairstyle you can do with that length.

Of late you see more and more Indian women with chin length bobs or even shorter haircuts from stylish undercuts to sassy pixie haircuts. Short hairstyles are for breaking boundaries and trying out new things.

Wether you have long, medium or short hair we have range of hairstyles you can try and get inspired.

Check them out now and try something new!

Happy browsing!

Messy hairstyles are lazy hairstyles in disguise. They are easy to do and oftentimes we create some pretty unique tangled knots that look good by mistake. Messy hairstyles are usually well suited to Indian women and girls with long or medium length hair and can come in many forms: hair buns, side buns, braids, open hairstyles, pony hairstyles, […]

If you are tired of the same old options of either long layered hair or a short bob,  you will be surprised to know that there is a new hairstyle that has hit the town running. From celebrities to socialites, this has now become the most popular way to style your hair. We are of […]

Short hairstyles look great on Indian women. It takes guts and valor to chop off the locks you have grown for years! Some do it out of obligations, some do it to manage less hair and some just do it to appease their free spirit! A lot of Indian women think that having short hair […]

Banana clip hairstyles are super easy and quick to do! You can clip your hair in any number of ways to make it look uniquely cute. You can use banana clips to create a range of hairstyles: messy updos, braids, side swept hairstyles. They make a nice alternative to ponytails and look particularly good when […]

Hairstyles have always been a significant part of the overall look of the Punjabi Kudi. With long, luscious hair, the girls of Punjab have been blessed with some of the most beautiful hair in India. Which is why we have the perfect treat for you ladies. From chic and fun to evergreen classics, we present […]

I don’t know about you but Bebo has always been my favorite Bollywood fashionista. She is beautiful, and looks great even without make-up, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. From Refugee to Jab We Met to Chamak Challo, Kareena Kapoor had quite the journey, and taken us all along with her! 21 Kareena Kapoor hairstyles you […]

We’ve all had those days where we are in a hurry and need to do a really quick hairstyle for our long hair. Now, most other sites that I have come across usually show a variety of hairstyles that are actually not easy or fast to do. Especially when you are dealing with Indian hair. So […]

As we grow older we start get bored of our hair. Long hair becomes somewhat more of hindrance and gone are the days when we would let our hair loose in the air. Nowadays, we find ourselves aiming to be practical and bundling up our hair into a bun to get it out of the […]

These tutorials for hairstyles for long Indian hair will show you how to make each hairstyle step by step. Sometimes it can be hard to know how to do a hairstyle just by looking at a single picture. Being able to see it in instructions makes life much easier. Here we’ve handpicked the best tutorials […]

These simple hairstyles are really easy to do and are not too over the top. We all have those days when we don’t want to overcomplicate things and just want to do something simple but beautiful with our hair. At the same time, even if we are going out to something more formal, doing an unpretentious hairstyle can look beautiful […]