50 Party hairstyles for long hair

Going out partying tonight? Poolside party? You’ve just looked at yourself in the mirror and are wondering what to do with all that long hair, right? Well, HairstyleMonkey has come to the rescue with some pretty cool party hairstyles for long hair. I’m guessing you’ve just stepped out of the shower and are tired of  seeing all that long hair. You may even be thinking of cutting it. Stop that thought right there! Long hair is extremely versatile and if you are going out partying now it the time to showcase it. There are so many options with long hair: French braids, top knots, puffs and poofs, plaited judas, fishtail braids, waterfall and much more. A nut shell party hairstyles for long hair can be pretty fascinating.

Recommendations for party hairstyles for long hair

  • If you have thick curly locks they can look awesome in a simple high top knot. Most South Indians will know what I am mean when I am talking about thick and long hair. But all that hair given to you by the hair gods was meant for a reason.  If you are in a hurry and can’t be asked then you can go all hipster and messy hairbun styles. If you want to get those heads turning you might want to try  ironing out your hair and start experimenting with braiding it or tying it up and letting wispy bangs hang to the side. We have a bunch of ideas for party hairstyles for long hair below so be sure to check them out.
  • On other hand, if you have thinner hair you can think if adding some braids to volumize things up or simply let it loose and let that hair stand out on its own on the dance floor. Or you can go for some pretty neat updos. Fine long hair is ideally suited for French rolls if the party function you are attending is more formal. With long fine hair you can also take advantage of wispy locks on the side.
  • If you want to go the extra mile with long hair then you can think of dying it and adding highlights. If you are feeling particularly adventurous and you are the rave party sort of girl you could go for some bold colors such as pink or blue. Some party hairstyles for long hair use a braided balayage. This is a sure conversation starter at the bar.
  • Finally, if you still feel that urgent need to cut some hair you might consider making  yourself a front  or side fringe. Party hairstyles for long hair can look extra nice with bobs and updos and will look nice under disco lights

Simple party hairstyles for long hair

Below are some of the latest trending party hairstyles that will suit long hair

#1: Braid wrapped high bun with hair piece

We’re starting off with one of the more formal hairstyles for partying. We love this hairstyle because  it combines  French coiffure with Indian tradition. Depending on your hair type you might need to iron out your hair before hand. Also make sure to add extra conditioner when you are in the shower.

#2: Sixties poof with long loose locks

No matter what you hair type, thick or thin, you can go all sixties and add a simple volumized poof to make you stand out from the crowd.


#3: Plaited crown with loose locks

Party hairstyles for long hair are invariably going to involve some braiding. With this hairstyle you will surely be the queen of the party. The big milkmaid plait is accompanied by a small fishtail braid. The loose princess locks add that hippy goddess feel to them.

#4: Curly locks chignon

If you have the time to style your hair before going out tonight you might consider this elegant chignon. For the chignon bunch up your hair in a low bun but leave some strands loose. Use a hiar iron to curl the locks and  pins to keep them in place.

#5: Loose messy  curls

This hairstyle is awesome for its simplicity. The abundance of loose curly strands of hair is sire to get the guys to notice. This is one sassy party hairstyle!

#6: Double fishtail and regular braid combo

If you are going out clubbing and want to be a looker then choose this hairstyle. The long hair is parted into two separate braids. One is a regular double braid and the other is a high fishtail braid. We love this hairstyle because it is cute but has girl power written all over it at the same time.


#7: Party hairstyle for long hair

Channel your Parisian energy with this French roll. If your party is more formal such as a wedding party or a reception function then wear this hairstyle. Glamor and confidence are the words that come to mind

#8: Wispy curls updo

USing hairspray can do wonders. We love this updo because the curls are long and large.

#9: High ponytail

A high ponytail is an excellent complement for a gown or backless dress. This one is stunning and simple at the same time

#10: Intricate knotted bun

This intricate knotted low bun is truly unique. Your hair does not require much prep beforehand though you will have so spend some time weaving strands of hair into place.