Emo hairstyles for all

Feeling emo? Need a rad party hairstyle? Try some of these styles depending on how exactly you’re feeling. Coming to think about it, the possibilities with emo hairstyles are endless!!

Check out these 15 rad Emo hairstyles

#1: Red head with feathered black ends

When you think of feathered hairstyles, you usually think of feathered haircuts. This awesome emo hairstyle features a bold red and a feathering in colour to make you feel almost bird like.

emo hairstyle


#2: Side swept bob emo hairstyles with clip

For a day when you really want to wear a hair accessory. Can be tried with any emo hairstyle that doesn’t have very short bangs.



#3: Hoodie Hair Emo

Who says hoodies have to cover up your hair. Guys, be bold and show off your amazing emo hair even in cooler weather!:)


#4: Angled Emo cut with soft brown and deep red

Try this up-down, almost pixie-like, angles long bob with colours of your choice. See how there’s an inner fringe under the longer bang. Wow.



#5: Messy emo style

For girls whose hair is naturally curly, wavy or messy – don’t let your hairstylist convince you that you can’t do an emo hairstyle! Iron your bangs a little bit, use some hair wax for separation and rock this look yo!



#6: Bird of paradise emo

For when you feel like a bird of paradise flower. Or just want to go real bold. Consider dying part of your hair a mad shade of orange. Yes.

orange flame


#7: Sleek formal emo style for men

When you want to be emo and still have to go in to work in a formal setting, remember you can be this guy.



#8: Highlights and matching eyes

Complete your highlighted emo hairstyle with the perfectly blended matching eye make-up.



#9: Electric blue

Who doesn’t love these electrifying ends? Here’s a trick to try to achieve this hairstyle, use tiny little hair extensions for the long, front bits! Definitely a hairstyle that has been inspired by Korean fashion.



#10: Hoodie for emo girls

Soft curls and neatly swept bangs for under a hoodie.



#11: The nerdy emo

Nerdy girls, get a great pair or sharp-looking glasses to complement your sharp emo office hairstyle.



#12: Fishtail Emo

Girls with longer hair, try fishtail braiding just the ends for an added twist.



#13: Sharp highlighted angle for men

Men, or girls even, try this the next time you’re at your hairstylist’s.



#14: The flip out emo

For an edge, iron your hair ends outward in certain areas to create movement.



#15: Gradient emo hairstyles

My personal favourite colour is hot pink. Try it on its own or as a gradient of all your favourite shades! #50shadesofpink.

emo hairstyles


Finally I’d like to post this link to a video tutorial on Emo make-up! Enjoy people!

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