86 Korean hairstyles for girls from North East India

Korean hairstyles are some of the most impressive and fashionable hairstyles out there. Korean girls are at the forefront of setting fashion trends in Asia.

And as so many of us in India have similar type hair, especially if you are from West Bengal or further North then you are sure to be inspired by these hairstyles. If you are lucky enough to have soft silky Asian hair then you have a wide variety of options to make your hair look amazing. Aimed at girls with long hair and girls with fine hair or better still, a combination of the two – the key to re-creating Korean hairstyles is experimenting with colours, highlights and haircuts. This way, even if you don’t have time for a blow dry or do not wish to fry your hair by using heat tools often, you still have a varied look to your daily hair. Remember to use a good deep conditioner for coloured hair to maintain soft texture.

There are three main styles that modern Korean hairstyles follow

  1. The bob for short hair. From ear length to chin length or neck length there is a variety of way to sport this hairstyles.
  2. The fringe. Hairstyles with bangs come in all sorts of variations in Korea ranging from large protruding pony like fringes to short dinky cuts.
  3. The layered feather cut. This is favourite for 2016 with many of the medium sized and long hair hairstyles ending up in this manner.

We invite you to take a look at 80 of the best and most hip korean hairstyles for 2016. We hope you enjoy them.

Korean hairstyles for a hip look

#1: Twin ponytails

Korean hairstyles Bae

A messy hair look with twin ponytails and ribbons. A look that’s almost rebellious schoolgirl. Many Korean hairstyles follow the Japanese style of twin ponytails.