17 Loose bun hairstyles for when you’re lazy

Loose bun hairstyles are an excellent way of tying up your hair for that lazy relaxed look or when you just don’t care. There’s a bunch of ways to do these so we have scoured the internet to identify the top loose bun hairstyles that are out there. There are not special instruction here except to state the obvious:

  1. Loose buns will probably stay in place for a while but you should be ready for them to come undone. So I wouldn’t be going anywhere too formal to them or somewhere where I am moving about e.g. party or gym
  2. How long they stay in place depends a lot on how much hair you have and what type of hair it is. Clearly long silky hair is going to last a lot less time than thick South Indian hair. In fact with some hair types, if you leave them long enough, they will clot into a bun on their own. But a bob marley sadhu is probably not the look you are aiming for here.

17 Loose bun hairstyles

#1: Low chignon

This loose chignon is super relaxed and cool. You can easily do this hairstyle to loaf about the house and move from sofa to sofa on a hot summer day. It’s also a nice hairstyle to do if you are having a couple of good friends coming over. With the highlights, the wavy bangs and being tied to one side gives it that fashion model look.


#2: Loose top knot and half updo

Another nice way to tie you hair is a loose top knot. Let the rest of your hair fall to your shoulders. Now sip on that ice tea and reach for the remote. You are ready to laze about!

#3: Tangled strands

Loose bun hairstyles can also be somewhat formal. I mean in an extreme case you could even do them for your wedding hairstyle. Here we have a beautiful updo with loose strands of wispy curls. Larger strands of hair connect and are loosely knotted into a low bun. The flowery headband helps to keep things in their relaxed place without being too secure.


 #4: Bridal loose bun

In this image we have an alternate take on the bridal loose bun hairstyle. This time the is folder over and the two strands of hair have been twisted on either side and tucked into the unsecured bun at the back. A bridal headpiece helps to keep things in place.


#5: High bun

Sporting a high loose bun can look casual and relaxed. With this hairstyle you will look like a bollywood actress on holiday in Goa. The twisty top knot looks fabulous!


#6: Dozing about look

Here is another version of a dozing about the house look. All you need to really do is top knot your hair and let the rest of it loose.


#7: Curly strands

If you want to look elegant but not too stuck up then you can go for layered loose hair bun. The curly strands give a lot of texture to the hairstyle and the  bangs reinforce that feeling of freedom and being at peace.


#8: Low twisted chignon

This low twisted chignon looks beautiful and can be easily worn on a relaxing summer evening’s out. The balayage causes those swirls to be double interesting.


 #9: Loose twisted bow

If you want to go combine a nonchalant look with some French elegance you can try the hairstyle in this image. This loose bun hairstyle is super casual and professional at the same time. It is something you could easily wear when having a few guests over for wine on a lazy Sunday.


#10: Norse knot

If you like you can go a bit more scandinavian with simple loose knot. Keeps everything practically out of the way without feeling too stiff.

Loose bun hairstyles