Hairstyles for Functions

Hairstyles for functions in India can take on different forms. When we say function we usually mean a wedding or reception. But it could also mean an office puja or a reception puja. In any case there is an appropriate hairstyle for each of these occasions. Long hair is typically better suited for hairstyles for functions because long hair is associated with Indian tradition. It is also much more easy to work with as you can braid it, curl it, tie it up into intricate updos, or simply let it hang loose. However, if you have short hair or medium length hair there are still many options for you.

Three things to consider for hairstyles for functions:

  1. How formal is the function? For example, at a reception function you can get a bit more creative with your hairstyle. On the other hand, you will have to keep the hairstyle more traditional for a temple function or home puja.
  2. Which part of India are you attending the function in. For example loose hair or very short hair at a small town South Indian reception function might be frowned upon
  3. Are you at the centre of the function or not. Obviously hairstyles for marriage functions will be more elaborate and will probably include a hairpiece with a mang tikka. If you are in the South, you are also going to be adding a lot of flowers. Similarly, if you are not the main center of attention make not sure not to wear too much hair jewelry and steal the show from the bride.

15 appropriate hairstyles for functions

#1: Messy bun hairstyle for marriage function

If you are attending a wedding function then this messy bun updo is an excellent option. Keep your hair up in this type of juda shows respect for the function. At the same time, the two big flowers look beautiful for their simplicity and will not steal the show from the bride who will have a much more elaborate hairstyle.



#2: Curly half hairstyle for reception function

This downdo with curly locks is an excellent idea for a reception or formal dinner function. The hairpiece with flowers gives it a nice twist without being too much over the top.



#3: Large low bun with real flower gajra

If you do want to be the centre of attention at the function then this is a great hairstyle. The simple updo framed by white and pink jasmine and rose flowers matches the pearl jewelry and white print of the dress.



#4: Traditional long plait with real flowers for wedding function

If you are Mallu, Tamil, Kannada or Telegu then you are definitely going to want to consider a south indian bridal hairstyle. Also the longer the hair the better. Simply tie it up into a beautiful long braid and decorate with flowers and jewelry.



#5: Side swept loose long plait for formal occasion

If you aren’t the bride at the wedding function you can easily adjust the hairstyle above by not adding as much jewelry. A simple braid with loose bangs and some flowers at the back can look wonderful with the braid worn to the side.



#6: Long hair with half updo and tikka for reception function

This side parting with loose locks on the side looks elegant and not too over the top at the same time. The mang tikka might be overdoing it if it’s not a wedding function and you are not the bride but the long earings definitely this downdo hairstyle.



#7: Side downdo with bangs under a veil for marriage function

This hairstyle is a bit more bold that other hairstyles for wedding functions. The hair is swept to the side in a pompadour fashion and the medium length locks hang to the side. If you want to go a bit bollywood at the party function then you might want to give this one a go.



#8: Formal braided updo with fresh flowers

We love this hairstyle for it beauty and simplicity. The hair is braided and tied up into a symmetrical round bun with a hair pin in the center. The flower are not too heavy and could be worn at any formal function occasion. They are humble and elegant at the same time.

#9: Curly downdo with a middle parting

If you have long hair then go ahead and show it off. Go on don’t be shy. To make things more interesting you can have different lengths on each side and curl you hair into princess locks so that they flow and fall nicely on your shoulders and back.



#10: French braid crown for family function

This juda updo looks will nicely frame an oval or long face the same. It looks neat and tidy and it commands respect.


#11: Messy updo with fringes with maang tikka

This loose updo pushes all those loose strand of hair back from the forehead into a low chignon at the back. You can leave some ringlets loose on the side to frame the face.


#12: Curls let loose on one side

Not all hairstyles for functions need to be tied up. Here is another variation of loose long hair worn to the side. This can look very elegant especially if you puff up the back of your hair.


#13: Formal updo with French bun

This formal function juda looks amazing don’t you agree? The hair is combed and turned into an intricate updo. The hairpiece jewelry and maang tikka match the hairstyle perfectly. Definitely a hairstyle fit for queens.



#14:Dutch side braid headband with bun

You might the bride at the function or the bridesmaid at a Christian wedding in which case this hairstyle would suit you perfectly. The chignon bun and Dutch side braid look unique and elegant. The front side parting frames the face nicely. If you are the bride you can wear a veil at the back

#15:Curls let loose on one side with maang tikka

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