Hairstyles with Anarkali Suits: 20 Mughal ideas

Hairstyles with Anarkali suits require a certain level of sophistication. Anarkali suits have been around since Mughal times but lately they have become very fashionable. The story goes that Anarkali was the secret lover of Jehanghir, Akbar’s son. She was beautiful with long hair and legend has it that she introduced the Anarkali suit. The story ends in tragedy as apparently Akbar had her burnt on the pyre for having a love affair with his son. No one knows if that myth bears any truth to it. What we do know is that the Anarkali suit first made its appearance in modern times in the 1950s through Madhubala, the Indian Bollywood actress we all recognise from those black and white movies. Recently, it’s made a massive comeback with celebrities and actresses wearing them all the time. Given this backdrop to tradition, hairstyles with Anarkali suits then need to exude regality and splendidness. Here we have a collection of hairstyles for Anarkali suits that will make you look like a Mughal queen!

Hairstyles with Anarkali suits: 20 ideas

#1: Long hairstyle with Anarkali suit

Long hairstyle for Anarkali

Long hair complements anarkali dresses perfectly. The regal look that the Anarkali salwar and churidar create go extremely well with long flowing hair. So if your hair is long, make sure to flaunt it. Curling you hair a little and letting it drop to one side in front of the shoulder may help to create that waterfall effect. Wear some long earrings to match the grandiose clothes and loose hair.


#2: Poof updo

 Poof updo hairstyles with Anarkali suit

You can look equally majestic if you have long hair and tie it up in a proud bun with a front puff. The puff will give off that air of Bollywood actress / Mughal princess.  An updo like this gets the hair out of the way so all the focus can be on the frock and face. Note for example, how in this image, the thick necklace stands out. In the same fashion, you could add some earrings which would make an excellent compliment to the clear face. The high front puff creates a proud and dignified look.

#3: Braided updo

Braided updo on Anarkali suit

Another trending hairstyle that we’ve seen make a comeback in 2016 is this braided updo. The hair is braided close to the head on either side can can either meet in a low bun like in the picture or a ponytail. The trick is to make a small poof towards the back. This is what distinguishes this particular type hairstyle from a plain braided crown.Adding the poof creates notes of  gracefulness and nobleness that will be a perfect match for an Anarkali salwar.

#4: Hair updo

Hair updo for Anarkali

Another variation of the updo is to bundle it up at the back into a stylish bun and then make a side parting in front. Give it a little lift to create a side parted puff and hey presto you are ready for that reception.

#5: Long ponytail

Long hair hairstyles with Anarkali suit

Let’s be honest, the Anarkali suit does a great job of highlighting our bust and hides the parts of our body we are less comfortables with.  Because you are going to look exquisite almost any hairstyle will go with the suit. If you have a open neck cut then a nice variation is to tie your hair up into a ponytail and bring forward and to one side.

#6: Medium length half down do hairstyle with puff

Medium length hairstyles on Anarkali

Sometimes we wear Anarkali suits on less formal occasions as well. For example, the girl in this image has given the anarkali a more hipster look. The half down do and puff in front make her look astonishing.

#7 : Ponytail hairstyles with Anarkali suit

Ponytail hairstyles with Anarkali suit

This is a cool Anarkali suit hairstyle. I also like the combination with the jeans. A simple side parting and high ponytail looks extremely fashionable. This one will surely get heads turning!

#8 : Side braid hairstyles with Anarkali suit

Side braid hairstyles with Anarkali suit

A particularly nice hairstyles to do with an anarkali suit is a side braid. Letting the ponytail fall to one size makes the whole look more pleasing to the eye. It also leave space for the pattern on the salwar to show. So this is a good hairstyle is you salwar has intricate patterns that would otherwise remain hidden if you let you hair completely loose.

#9: Side parted hairstyles with Anarkali suit

Side parted hairstyles with Anarkali suit

Side parting your hair and making a half down do will give off that nuptial air. Try this hairstyles especially if you are going to the bride.

#10 : Messy side bangs

We like this one because it’s kind of original. If you have medium neck length bangs then you let them hang loose to one side. Make sure to give the side parting at the top some extra height to get that puff effect.


#11 : One sided long open hairstyle for anarkali suit


This long open hairstyle that cascades down in front of the left shoulder looks simply magnificent. This hairstyle will surely take everyone back to mughal times.

#12: Front puffed up do


Wearing the veil can make the hairstyle very intriguing. The big puff is regal and splendid. Leave a few swirls to protrude from under the veil for added effect.


#13: Fishtail braid


A nice way to wear the anarkali suit is with a fishtail braid. Some nice side bangs will make it look extra sleek.


#14: Loose waves


Loose curly waves will always a formal gown such as this is.

#15: Puffed updo


This up do allows the neck to be highlighted. You can leave it like that or you can decorate with a heavy necklace and / or earrings to suit.


#16: Loose curls


Long hair don’t care seems to be the motto of this post since we can’t help showing long loose hair with anarkali suits. The reason is that long hair matches the formality and magnificence of these garments perfectly. These princess locks look very alluring.


#17: Puffed up, half updo


If you have medium length hair you could also do a middle puff with hair falling to the shoulders on either side. Very nice and simple for hairstyles with Anarkali suits!


#18: Bun with Dutch braid


Here we see a low chignon style bun with a pretty side braids starting at the hairline and meeting the bun.


#19: Loose side braid with anarkali suit


Not all hairstyles with Anarkali suits need be complicated. Sometimes a simple side braid can do all the magic.


#19: Loose side braid for Anarkali

Long braid for Anarkali

This majestic side braid looks amazing with the suit. If you have very long hair then this an extremely attractive look you can try.

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