Party hairstyles for short hair

Parties are fun. Short hair is fun. But how to make short hair party hair? Hairstylemonkey tells you how by taking a look at the latest party hairstyles for short hair

10 Party hairstyles for short hair

#1: Bumpits party hairstyle

Bumpits are a great way to add volume and create some drama to otherwise plain hair! Makes an excellent choice of party hairstyles for short hair. Try it out on straight or curly hair. If your hair is thin, make sure you backcomb it enough so the bumpit doesn’t show through.


#2: Hair chalk

Hair chalks, hair mascaras and spray on paint are great options to stray away completely from your regular look. For extra oomph, match your hair colour to a pair of matching coloured lenses. Lipstick shades can be dramatic or neutral according to your preference.

 #3: Party Hair accessories

Hair accessories are another way to jazz up short hair. Wear a funky hair band or a big flower, why take your old payal or a chunky necklace and incorporate it into your hairstyle. Katy Perry has used this hair accessory along with classic pearls to look retro and fashionable for her birthday party. A big red rose paired with red lips can make you look like a tango dancer.


#4: The pixie crop

You might think there isn’t much you can do with super short pixie hair, but think again – You can dress it up with accessories or a tiara or use hair mascara for a pop of colour. Or go au naturel by using just a tiny bit of mouse or light gel to keep those strays in place and look chic.


#5: Pouf attack!

This look is for short hair with long bangs. Slick back those sides with gel to look super sleek and twist and pin the long bangs in poufy sections to achieve this classy party look.


#6: Front braid with loose sides

Front braid rock!

#7: Marilyn Monroe

All you need is a curling tong to achieve this classic Marilyn Monroe look. Use the tongs to define large curls on sections of hair and create a long side swept front wave. Use hairspray to set your hair in place and don’t forget the winged eyeliner and red lipstick!

 #8: Front poof with slides

This is a great hairstyle for slightly wavy hair. Use bobby pins to sweep the sides back and create a puff on the top by teasing and pinning back sections of your hair. This style brings out your face so it gives you the freedom to experiment with your makeup. Keep it simple or go all out and you will still look incredible!

#9: Beach style tousled waves

This is a super simple hairstyle for chin length wavy hair, it doesn’t even require a comb or brush! Use your fingers and bit of mousse to define those waves and you’re ready to go. If you have straight hair, you can achieve this look by using curling tongs to create loose waves on sections of hair and then mess it up a bit to achieve the tousled look.

 #10: Out of bed and ready to party!



#11: Poufs for the win.

#12: When in doubt, fishtail it up!

This is cute neat and hair won’t get in the way when dancing!


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