30 Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Women With Long Hair

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Bridal hairstyles are a big deal right! I mean after all this is the hairstyle you are going to be wearing on your wedding day.

That’s why we have carefully handpicked the latest bridal hairstyles that are trending in 2016 and present them below.

Most of the ideas below are from traditional Indian shaadi hairstyles hence they will invariably include a mang tikka and other hair jewelry. We have also included some western concepts that we have seen people in India use. And if you feel uncomfortable wearing them on the actual wedding ceremony you could try them at the dinner reception(Check out some awesome hairstyles for evening gowns) or mehndi day.

Having said that there are lots of options for bridal hairstyles. If you have long hair you can braid it, curl it, do a high bun updo, make a puff hairstyle, poof it, let it loose into princess locks and make a combination of all of the above.

Similarly with jewelry you can go very detailed and intricate with flowers and complicated maang tikkas or you can keep it real simple with a couple of big flowers. It’s totally up to you.

Well, I am sure your mother and other relatives will have an opinion on what is appropriate but you can still experiment within the bounds of tradition.

Bridal hairstyles require a few things

  1. Preparation: know exactly which hairstyles you are going for. This will get the stress out of the way. You will have loads to think about on your wedding day and the last thing you want is to be making a decision about your hair.
  2. Decide who is going to do your hair. If it’s someone you trust and feel comfortable with then that will also make the whole affair less stressful. It is highly recommended that you do a practice run before the day of the wedding. This especially true if you are doing the hairstyle yourself. Take note of the details where you get stuck and note down the time it takes you so you know when to start getting ready on that special day. You might laugh now but you with all the anxiety eating away at you on the morning of the wedding it is best to be prepared.
  3. Decide what you are going to wear first. It is best to decide on the hairstyle once you know what you are wearing on your shaadi. It sometimes happens that the saree hairstyle doesn’t suit the saree. One example would be wearing too simple a hairstyle with too intricate a saree.

30 Bridal hairstyles that will make you shine on your wedding day

1. Bengali bridal hairstyle

This simple hairstyle matches the ornate jewelry perfectly. This is a good strategy if you are going to be wearing a lot of intricate jewelry such as the model above is. The maang tikka is studded with pearls that match the white saree. The hair is middle parted and combed back neatly on either side. At the back the hair is plaited into a long braid and a round hair extension piece has been added to boost volume. Simple and beautiful!



2. Telugu bridal hairstyle

This Telugu bridal hairstyle is very representative of South Indian wedding hairstyles in general. The long hair is plaited into a braid and adorned with pearl strings and golden brooches. A hairpiece at the root of the braid adds volume and is decorated with flowers that match the color of the silk saree. A perfect composition for a perfect wedding.



3. Dutch braid and French chignon for western style wedding

If you are prepared to go beyond the bounds of Indian tradition you might like this western Influence. This is a hairstyle that is suited to a Christian bride but could also be worn on other days before the main wedding ceremony such as the mehndi day. The hair is bunched up into a low chignon and a Dutch braid runs across the side. Consider adding flowers for a more elaborate look.



4. Bridal chignon with flowers and braided crown

Bridal hairstyles such the one above reminds me of Robin Hood and medieval princesses. The hair is collected into a low chignon bun and framed by a medium sized braid on either side. The clip with flowers on top of the bun makes it look elegant and gives it that bridal feel.



5. Indian Bridal bun hairstyle

Bridal hairstyles with braided crowns and buns are easy to achieve. It will look simple and elegant on your wedding day. To make it make focus on the braided crown first. The braid the leftover hair and knot it into a messy bun. Add a small maang tikka starting over the center of the middle parting. If you want to keep things minimalist then this is an awesome option.


6. Low wedding bun and braid with intertwined flowers

If you want to try something more experimental you can play around with twirling flower stems into your braid. To achieve this look first make a side braid with flower stems intertwined. Next tie your hair into a loose bun. You can leave wavy side bangs to highlight your face.



7. Cascading Bridal hairstyle

If you have long hair then you can try one of the most recent trends of letting the hair hang freely to the side. Indeed “long hair, don’t care” has become somewhat of a trending theme lately. Side part your hair and wear the maang tikka sideways on the opposite side. Curl your locks so that they fall freely on the other shoulder. Definitely a bold look!


Mermaid hairstyle for Indian bride

8. Shaadi down-do with curly locks

To get this look you need long hair and a curling iron. Separate your hair into about 15 strands and curl them into ringlets. Bunch them up and let them fall loose to the side.


Messy side braid bridal hairstyle for saree

9. Bridal judas

If you have long hair then you can create some pretty classy updos. This images of bridal updo hairstyles showcase some cools ways to bunch up all that hair. To achieve the finesse of this juda hairstyle you are going to need some professional help. You can consider adding some volume with a puff at the front and a poof at the back.


Classical juda hairstyle for bride

10. Indian bridal bun hairstyle

This Indian bridal bun looks stunning and regal. It reminds me of old Bollywood movies so if you want to show off some style then this is the hairdo to go for. It is also a great candidate for decoration with precious and semi-precious stones. You will need quite a few hairpins to keep things in place and also some professional help to comb out the hair and make the updo.


Beehive juda hairstyle for Indian bride

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