Simple hairstyles: 17 everyday ideas

These simple hairstyles are really easy to do and are not too over the top.

We all have those days when we don’t want to overcomplicate things and just want to do something simple but beautiful with our hair. At the same time, even if we are going out to something more formal, doing an unpretentious hairstyle can look beautiful in its own right. All of these hairstyles below are easy to do at home.We have selected different simple hairstyles that will suit Indian girls. They are the kind of daily hairstyles you would want to do without worrying too much about skill or technique.

Simple hairstyles for everyday

#1: The double ponytail hairstyle

This simple hairstyle looks elegant and stylish without being too showy. It’s also super easy to do. All you need is to separate your hair so that you can make a low ponytail and a high one. This will give it that waterfall effect. By the way these are some pretty cool waterfall hairstyles that are worth checking out.

#2: Minimalist artsy ponytail

Who said you need to do hair band hairstyle to tie you hair up into a ponytail. This hairstyle is honest and without frills and yet it is an extremely graceful hairstyle. If you want something that is fashionable but uncomplicated then this is the one to go for.


#3: Low bun

I personally really like this one. This is an easy Gibson tuck (what is a Gibson tuck) that looks very Victorian. Leave a few strands on the side and you will look stunning.


#4: Twirly low bun

Here we have an elegant and simple everyday low bun. The twirly hair bun style gives it all the sense of style you need. Use a hair clasp to keep it steady and make it more interesting. This is a very nice simple hairstyle to do with a saree.


#5: The simplest hairstyle ever

simplest hairstyle ever

This is really the  simplest hairstyle I have ever seen. I’ll tell you a cool story about this one: I once wore it at a party that was a kind of gala event. People were dressed over the top with gowns and the hairstyles were some of the most intricate I have even seen in Mumbai. I’m talking about French rolls, updos and judas and all the other types of hairstyles you see at functions.  I had been in a rush that evening and silly me I hadn’t had time to get ready. I wanted to do a really quick hairstyle. So I just quickly pulled out a ring and attached it to my hair as in the pic above. The attention I got! You’d be surprised how popular it was. I ended up getting photographed with all the paparazzi and even met the man I am still with to this day. The long hair is free flowing and the ring acts as means to pull the hair backwards and out the face. This is such a clever idea that it’s the top of the list when it comes to simple hairstyles. It will also suit Indian hairstyles well.


#6: Tucked in bun and braid

This is once again a variation of the Gibson tuck. The braid joining the bun at the back is a clever play on this traditional hairstyle. You can find out more about this type of hairstyle on our post on hair bun styles.

#7: Down do with flower clasp

This is also one of the simplest hairstyles you can do at home. It can literally be done in less than 10 seconds. All you need to do bunch up your hair and fasten it with a flower clasp and you are done.


#8: Low half do for college

simple hairstyles for college

This is another variation of the previous hairstyle. It will keep you hair neat and tidy and away from your face and as you can see in the image it is super simple. If you are heading out to college then definitely try this one at home.


#9: Simple party hairstyle

This half ponytail would suits long curly locks. It’s just a matter of pulling hair back from the front and tying it up into a half ponytail. You will be done within seconds. An effortless hairstyle that will make you shine at the party!


#10: Braided low bun

image of simple hairstyle

This no nonsense hairstyle is rustic and homely. All you need to do is fold you strands of hair into a bun and knot it. It’s as simple as that!


#11: Daily bun

Comb you hair and twist your long hair into a bun. Hey presto you are done and the result is honest and natural.

#12: Cute ponytail

This is a super simple hairstyle as there is no hairband involved. Just tie your hair up into a ponytail and let it flow freely to the ground.


#13: High ponytail

Yes you got it! One of the simplest hairstyles is a ponytail. We couldn’t leave that one out of our collection could we?


#14: Small low knot

Another very simple way to tie your hair up is to comb it out straight and tie it tightly into a low bun at the bottom. This hairstyle would suit medium length hair especially but can also be done with longer hair too.


#15: Plain folded bun

Here we have a low bun  side folded in. This is an elegant hairstyle and pretty undemanding. It would go well with a saree. It’s also one of those gown hairstyles that look nice at parties.


#16: Easy side twisted bun

If you are looking to add a little style to a simple hairstyle you can place your bun to the side. Adding a twist to it will create layers of beautiful swirls. A very undemanding hairstyle evoking purity! This party hairstyle could be easily done for going out dancing and would look very nice in a saree.

#17: Homely loose braid

This is a homely braid that is unpretentious and natural. Simple hairstyles look beautiful precisely because they are so modest. Try this one if you are looking for a simple hairstyle with a twist (haha pun intended!).

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