30 Best Alia Bhatt Hairstyles: They Will Make You Look Super Cute

Alia Bhatt hairstyles are perfect for teenagers and cute looks. If you follow Bollywood celebrity hairstyles then you better check out these hairstyles by Alia Bhatt.

Alia always chooses the latest trending looks so she is one of the best Bollywood stars to follow for hairstyles.

Alia Bhatt hairstyles come in all variations: braids, messy looks, curly hairstyles, open hairstyles and more.

She has that youthful appeal with a large following of teenage girls and similar to actresses like Hina Khan, Shraddha Kapoor and Hansika Motwani she experiments with many easy DIY hairstyles.

Super Cute Alia Bhatt hairstyles

1. Alia Bhatt braided headband

In this pic Alia is looking super fashionable with a cute braided hairstyle. The hairstyle is pretty unique in that it consists of a braided headband that starts about midway up from the temples. The hair is pinched into a half updo where the ends to the plait meet at the back and the rest of the hair is allowed to flow freely on either side and is brought in front of the shoulders. Alia certainly looks like a supermodel here. This is one of those Alia Bhatt hairstyles that would also look nice in a saree or salwar as well as at school or college.

Alia Bhatt looking super cute in a braided headband hairstyle. Source


2. Alia’s curly curls

Alia Bhatt hairstyles are perfect for long open hair. We have a few of these lined up for you in the next pics. In the pic above Alia has straightened and side parted her hair to let her curly locks rest over her shoulder. A super casual hairstyle that will surely get lads turning.

Alia in free open hairstyle Source


3. Simple and cute hairstyle

This is one of the cutest Alia Bhatt hairstyles we have come across. The hair is pinched at different points with a mini hair clips. The hair is kept away from the forehead and face. The rest of the hair is loose and has been slightly curled.

A great example of how to use mini hair clips. Source


4. Fashion model hairstyle

This is another example of another open hairstyle suited for a gown. It is a classic open hairstyle with the front combed back into a slightly raised puff.

If you are wearing a gown consider this open hairstyle by Alia Bhatt. Source



5. Retro fringe hairstyle

This image is from the official Alia Bhatt instagram page. The front hairstyle is super retro with fat bangs extending over the forehead and the rest of the hair is let to hang over the shoulders. It’s a hairstyle that is perfect for partying and would go well with sunglasses too.

Alia’s retro hairstyle for partying looks too cool. Source



6. Long braid with side parting

Here Alia is sporting a more traditional hairstyle that is more appropriate for a saree. Her hair is side parted and then braided to into a long plait that drops forward over the right shoulder. This is a really simple braid hairstyle that is easy to do and suits both everyday college going days as well as more formal occasions if necessary.

Alia Bhatt with long side braid for traditional saree. Source


7. Alia’s Messy hairstyle

As mentioned already, Alia is really good at making open hairstyles look gorgeous. If you flaunt this saucy hairstyle  then you will surely get heads turning. The trick in getting the wind swept look is to separate and slightly twist uniform strands of hair. This will slightly separate the strands giving them that orderliness in the overall unkempt look of the hairstyle. Best combined with a skirt or hot pants as in the pic above.

Alia’s sassy fashion model look with an open wind swept hairstyle. Source


8. Messy side braids

This messy hairstyle that Alia Bhatt is wearing has pop written all over it. The key to making this hairstyle is to make a couple of cornrow braids on the side of your head. That’s it you are done now and ready to get up and dance at that party you are going to tonight.

Cornrows by Alia Bhatt: an excellent idea to get some inspiration for hairstyles to party it up in. Source


9. Messy updo for short hair

From this pic we can’t tell what Alia has done with her hair at the back but if you have short hair then this is surely a hairstyle you can copy. You are probably going to need quite a bit of hairspray and this might be a photo that you need to print and take to your hairdresser to perfect the look. All the same, if you feel comfortable looking like a fashion model you should totally go for this look.

An exaggerated updo like Alia’s hairstyle in this pic will make you stand out in the crowd. Source

10. Open hairstyle with puff

This is the hairstyle that Alia Bhatt chose for the cover of Elle magazine. The trick here is to make a slight puff above the temples as we Indian girls like so much. Boost the volume of the rest of the hair and you are ready to make an impression.

Another example of an open hairstyle by Alia Bhatt. Source



11. Open princess curls

Alia Bhatt hairstyles are perfect for those of you with curly hair. In both of these pics Alia is showing off her long locks. To achieve this look you can either  comb your hair straight backwards or side part it and puff it up a little at the front.


12. Side parted long hairstyle

In this fashionable London city attire Alia looks stunning with this side swept hairstyle. Here, Alia’s hair is parted to one side. It is a simple, classic hairstyle that goes well with her chic top. A side-parted long hairstyle might suit certain face shapes better than a center-parted hairstyle. It is also said that people with a side-parting are less likely to complain of a receding hairline. Alia mixes formal and casual in this hairstyle. She manages to come across as simply refreshing!


13. Simple twisted side braid

Alia Bhatt hairstyles are great for those teenage twists. In this pic Alia is wearing a simple open hairstyle with a twisted strand of hair running along one side .To achieve this look all you need is to twist one strand of hair and then pin it with a clip somewhere at the back of your hair. This is a cute hairstyle and very easy and quick to do.


14. Alia Bhatt straight hairstyle

Straighten your hair with a hair iron if you want to get this look. Comb your hair backwards and let your hair fall loose to one side. These is probably on the simplest Alia Bhatt hairstyles.


15. Straight long hair and side parting

Alia Bhatt looks superb in open hairstyles and we have proof of that once again in this pic. The hair has been straightened and side swept to one side. The big earrings are stylish and rad.


16. Open middle parted hair

Another Alia wears her open hair is to part it in the middle. Choose this hairstyle if you want to look more mature. Whereas side parting your hair has cute written all over it parting it in the middle is associated with sophistication.



17. Alia Bhatt style updo

A half-ponytail frames Alia Bhatt’s face perfectly. It is casual but glamorous, and accentuates her cheekbones. Her sharp features are brought out by half-pushed back hair. The rest of her hair cascades down her shoulders in enviable waves. It is a perfect example of how you do not need heavy make-up to look stunning. A simple hairstyle that is the right fit for your features can do wonders!



18. Top knot hairstyle

The top-knot is an elegant finish to Alia’s simple but classy outfit. Her hair is pushed up into a neat, no-nonsense knot in a way that is devoid of frills and curls. The air hostess type of hairstyles makes Alia look older. At the same time, one cannot miss the mischievous glint in her eye. It looks comfortable, and yet manages to seem elegant and trendy. It is the perfect hairstyle for a fancy dinner!

19. Alia with messy puff down do

Ah, the messy puff down do! Alia looks like she has just rolled out of bed, and how. Unlike the updo, this hairstyle makes the most of Alia’s hair volume. Her tresses look effortlessly long. They tumble down her shoulders in a hot, wavy mess. This hairstyle looks both deceptively effortless and completely sexy at the same time. It is a great hairstyle option for a “casual” date, or lunch with friends.

Try this messy Alia Bhatt hairstyle on a casual date or lunch. Source


20. Side braid and ponytail

Alia looked very cute in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania  sporting the side-braid and ponytail. Her tiny plait is gathered into a full, low ponytail. The tiny side-braid goes well her innocent and charming smile. The side-braid and ponytail is a perfect way for school girls to spice up their hairstyle, without flouting the school dress code.



21. Side corn hairstyle

Alia looks badass with her side corn hairstyle! Her hair is parted to one side. The smaller portion is tightly braided, while the larger portion is left down her shoulder. Her long, dangling earrings add a touch of “Alia” to the otherwise edgy look. The hairstyle is the right mix of daring and grace. It is a great hairstyle that adds sass to a boring day and energy to a house party.


22. Thick braided hairstyle

The thick braided hairstyle is easy once you practice it a few times. It is great for Alia’s conditioned and voluminous locks. Her hair is neatly swept back, and her hairstyle adds an ornateness to her otherwise plain outfit. It is just the hairstyle for a study session. It would also be perfect hairstyle for an outdoor party on a hot summer’s day.



23. Sexy down do hairstyle

Alia bunches up a part of her hair, which she wears in a sexy down do hairstyle. Her hair falls down in disorganized almost-waves. It is a hairstyle that looks casual enough to to wear to an exam. It would work just as well for a dinner date or a movie.


24. Alia’s classic side puff and half updo

Alia’s hair is puffed at the side, before being gathered into a half-updo. It brings out her face and eyes This hairstyle would for a job interview; as Alia manages to look both trendy and focused. The hairstyle is paired quite effortlessly with casual-everyday outfits as well as formal outfits. The side-puff with a half-updo could also help college students look fantastic on their first day of classes.


25. Alia’s retro Bollywood hairstyle

Travel back in time with this classy oldie hairstyle. The side swept slick look is great for party nights out or events where you need to dress up.

26. Alia with medium length bob hairstyle

Alia  looks very chic in this French bob hairstyle. The hair has been pinched into place at the top with a claw mini clip. This is a nice homely hairstyle to chill at home with.

27. Alia with simple updo and party dress

Alia looks beautiful in this simple updo and dress combination. The wavy hair flows freely on the shoulders.

28. Alia with chic side swept hairstyle

If you are looking for a simple and stylish hairstyle then consider this side swept look. The look is perfect for shoulder length hair and really cute!


29. Alia with half bun hairstyle

Half buns are all the rage these days. You can look super elegant if you combine your half bun with straightened hair like Alia Bhatt does in the pic below.

30. Maxi dress hairstyle by Alia Bhatt

Next time you are looking for a maxi dress hairstyle you should definitely consider Alia’s take on it. Look like a princess with this curly side swept affair that drops beautifully over one side.


Alia Bhatt hairstyles are varied and intense. If you are in your 20s and looking for a sassy look then you should definitely be trying these hairstyles out.

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