24 Alia Bhatt hairstyles

If you follow bollywood hairstyles then you better check out these hairdos by Alia Bhatt. Alia always chooses the latest trending hairstyles so she is one of the best bollywood stars to follow for hairstyles. Alia’s hairstyles are also super cool for younger women and girls.

Top Alia Bhatt hairstyles of 2016

#1: Alia Bhatt braided headband

In this pic Alia is looking super fashionable with a cute braided hairstyle. The hairstyle is pretty unique in that it consists of a braided headband that starts about midway up from the temples. The hair is pinched into a half updo where the ends to the plait meet at the back and the rest of the hair is allowed to flow freely on either side and is brought in front of the shoulders. Alia certainly looks like a supermodel here. This is a hairstyle that would also look nice in a saree or salwar as well as at school or college.