Short hairstyles for sarees for Indian women over 50

As we grow older we start get bored of our hair. Long hair becomes somewhat more of hindrance and gone are the days when we would let our hair loose in the air. Nowadays, we find ourselves aiming to be practical and bundling up our hair into a bun to get it out of the way.  However we still continue wanting to experiment with our hair. It the core of who we are as women.  Short hairstyles are an attractive idea as they can be more comfortable and project an air or respect, style and elegance.

Hairstyles for short hair for Indian women over 50

#1: Short bob with bangs

short bob-hairstyle

This short bob cut looks very neat and exudes dignity. The bangs make the look very youthful. You can imagine this hairstyle looking very nice in a saree but also in western clothing.

#2: Rounded bob with curls

Gul panag short haircut

This short hairstyle is perfect for Curly hair. It has that 70s retro feel to it. The side parting and thick locks make a nice composition overall.

#3: Original French

Gul Panag short hairstyle

Here we have the same short hairstyle as above. It is afterall the same person. But Gul Panag’s locks are smoother and have a pixie like curly ends. Still very elegant and beautiful though.


#4: Indra Nooyi short hairstyle

Indra Nooyi short hairstyle

It’s not by chance that some of the most commendable Indian women in business today have short hair. Pepsi’s CEO commands a lot of respect with a her short bob hairstyle.


#5: Kirthiga Reddy short haircut

Kirthga Reddy short haircut

Similarly note how Facebook’s Managing Director in India wear a very short boy cut. It promotes a distinguished and cultivated look.

#6: Mallika Sarabhai short hairstyle

mallika sarabhai

Mallika Sarabhai’s hairstyle is graceful and sophisticated. It looks great in a saree or salwar kameez.

#7: Mandira Bedi short hairstyle and saree

Indian short hairstyle and saree

Mandira Bedi’s cheek length hairstyle looks glamorous and classic. It is perfectly suited for going to work, getting things done and looking refined when you are out at a formal do.

#8: Mandira version 2

Mandira-Bedi-in-simple Short hairstyle

Here is an alternate take of Mandira Bedi’s short hairstyle. It seems to suit the pink saree perfectly.

#9: Chin length bob

Short Indian hairstyle

Don’t be afraid of trying out something longer to start with. You might find that a chin length bob such as the one above gives you are more youthful look. Or it might help you get used to having your hair short before going for something even shorter.

#10: Tanushree Dutta short pixie cut


This hairstyle is elegant and bold. The short pixie cut suits the saree perfectly. Combined with glasses this is a very sophisticated look.

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