Really quick hairstyles for long hair

We’ve all had those days where we are in a hurry and need to do a really quick hairstyle for our long hair.

Now, most other sites that I have come across usually show a variety of hairstyles that are actually not easy or fast to do. Especially when you are dealing with Indian hair. So we decided to look at hairstyles that you truly can do immediately and with no practice. If you are running late then skim through the hairstyles below and choose one that is easy to do. Overall there are three categories you can choose from

  1. Make a ponytail. What can be simpler than a ponytail yar?
  2. Knot it up into a hair bun
  3. Flowing down dos. These involved clasping the hair at the back in some manner so as to wear you hair loose but without it being in your face

So here goes

11 hasty hairstyles for long hair for when you are running late

Super fast Ponytails

#1: Quick ponytail with side bangs

Right let’s go! Tie you hair up into a mid level ponytail. Leave sidebangs on the side and you are done! If you can spare a few more seconds you can backcomb the hair at the back and raise it into a low poof. This ponytail is the number one hairstyle for long hair when you are in a real hurry.  The result is an attractive look that can be used on any occasion whether it is going to work or simply meeting friends for coffee. In fact add a little make up and you could wear it at a party or formal reception.


#2: The Fastest elegant ponytail in town

This is truly the fastest elegant ponytail we have seen. If you are running late but need to get your hairstyle looking classy then make a loose low ponytail and tie it up with a long tubelike hair band  like in the pic above. Doing this will take less than 3 seconds and will give you that fashion model look. You can walk straight into that interview or presentation at work and make a stunning entrance!


 #3: Last minute Indian braid and ponytail

Ok I know you will need to add an extra minute to your prep time to plait your hair. But really what we’re talking about is 3 to 4 twists here. Leave quite a bit of hair at the tip of the ponytail and place it in a high position. Now we have stylish ponytail hairstyle for your long hair that you have probably achieved in under 2 minutes.


#4: Quick ponytail with bow

Another really quick and simple hairstyle is to tie up your long hair into a low ponytail and tie it up with a ribbon into a bow. If you have dark hair you could use a pink bow if you are going for cuteness or a red one if you are aiming for something more formal. The look is mature and graceful.


 #5: Running late ponytail trick

Finally here is a quick tip on sprucing up your ponytail and giving it a flare as you are rushing out of the house. You could  even do this on in the car on the way to your destination. Instead of using an elastic band just use a clip and place it upside down where the ponytail starts. Spread your hair a bit and there you are with a sassy high ponytail. You are ready to rock!


Fast buns

#6: Easy messy low bun

Yes you got it! The messy bun is perfect because even though you are trying to be all cool and pretend you did it on purpose it’s actually untidy because you are in such a hurry. This is perfect look for college. Let some wispy curls loose to accentuate the hairstyle and hey presto you are done!


 #7: Quick chignon

All you need to do to achieve this French chignon bun is to make a low ponytail, middle part it and twist the ponytail through a few times. Continue doing this  until it becomes a neat little roll at the nape of your neck like in the picture. This shouldn’t take more than a minute. Leave a couple of side bangs if you have a round face to elongate it. That’s it! You’re done in a jiffy!


#8: Super fast hair updo

This superfast hairdo is stylish and discerning. It works extremely well with side fringes or front hairstyles. Following the steps in the pic I was able to do it in under a minute. It’s a perfect hairstyle for the working  or studying because it keeps the hair out the way and looks professional.


 #9: Bun in a hurry

Here we have the same concept as the chignon up except that this time the ponytail is braided first. So I would add an extra minute to get your hair braided. The hairstyle in the pick looks extra chill because the model has dyed her hair. You can also get a nice effect if you have highlights in your hair.


Flowing down dos

#10: Quick and easy downdo

This simple downdo can be done in less than 20 seconds. The pattern it creates at the back of your hair will be unique and will stand out from the crowd. It will suit any kind of clothing whether it is a party dress or office suit. The important things is that it looks amazing and can be done really quickly.


 #11: Quick and simple hairstyle

This is another take on the same hairstyle. The clasp at the back is kind of unique but if you don’t have one exactly like that you can try to replicate it with another clasp. The trick really is to cross the strands of hair diagonally.


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