Step by step hairstyles for long hair

These tutorials for hairstyles for long Indian hair will show you how to make each hairstyle step by step . Sometimes it can be hard to know how to do a hairstyle just by looking at a picture. Being able to see it in instructions makes life much easier. So we’ve handpicked the best tutorial for hairstyles with long hair. Moreover, we’ve chosen them to appeal to the Indian sense and aesthetic. We hope you like them!

25 Hairstyles for long hair with step by step instructions

#1: Side braid instructions for long hair

Side braid instructions for long hair

This side braid is super cute and now that you have steps is actually quite easy to do. Start braiding on the side while weaving in separate strands of curly locks. Don’t stop until you reach the other end. And voila you now have a beautiful smooth curly hairstyle that everyone will be asking you about.