25 Best Deepika Padukone Hairstyles You Must Try in 2019

Deepika Padukone hairstyles are always a big hit. She is one of the most popular Bollywood actresses to follow when it comes to hairstyles. Her favorite hairstyles tend to involve messy updos and puffs but below we will show some of Deepika’s more intriguing hairstyles as well. Her fashion model looks allow her to do wonders with her hair but the cool thing is that most of her hairstyles are pretty easy to copy.

Best Deepika Padukone hairstyles for 2019

1. Barbie hairstyle

This really trendy hairstyle involves loose curls and a lot of shine spray. Try this look for evenings out, cocktail parties, music releases and other social events where you know cameras will be flashing. It works well on both Indian and Western outfits.

2. Strictly straight hairstyle

This strictly straight hairstyle is quite unlike Padukone’s usual curly and wavy hairstyle. She still has her standard bouffant on this style though to give some much needed volume and height. Without that height this style can be very flat, especially if you have thin hair.

3. In a Chinese hair do

For this hairstyle from Chandni Chowk to China look, Deepika Padukone sports a poker straight hairstyle paired with a red Chinese-collared top. Her lipstick is on-point as well! This look can be worn with or without bangs. If you do have bangs make sure that you don’t get sweaty or they’re going to start getting wispy and frizzy. Also if you like this kind of hairstyle you should also check out our post on Korean hairstyles.

4. The Deepika puff

The classic Deepika Padukone puff hairstyle, worn on medium length hair. Gather withered strands of hair in a slightly high held clutch or clip to get this look. Side part your hair very slightly and tease your crown.

5. Open long hair look

A very classy maxi dress hairstyle look worn by Deepika Padukone at this Fiama-di-Wills promo event. Her highlighted hair has been straight ironed and worn loosely with movement. Use a lot of serum to create this movement.

6. The Chennai Express look

Create this Chennai Express Deepika Padukone hairstyle by either ironing and braiding your own hair or using a juda. Complete it with jasmine flowers, jhumkis and a silk saree to match Deepika’s iconic Tamilian role.

7. Blunt bob hairdo

This blunt bob hairstyle is very unlike the usual Deepika Padukone. She looks spectacular in this almost pixie cut hairstyle with deep side parting. When trying this style, ensure part of your hair falls well over your face.

8. Messy fishtail braid

Deepika has been spotted sporting the fishtail hairstyle quite often of late. This style is awesome for girls with wavy hair and also for girls with thick or thin hair that is straight. Will work for curls too. Smoothen all or just the top your hair with a blow dryer or iron if you wish.

  • Take all your hair to one side of your neck and divide it in two sections side by side.
  • Side A is the side closer to your face and side B is the side farther away.
  • To begin your fishtail braid, take a tiny section of hair from the outside half of section B and bring it over to the inner half of section A.
  • Next take a thin section of hair from the outer half of section A and bring it over to the inner half of section B.

9. Braid puff

Here’s another fabulous way DP has combined her classic hair puff with the fishtail braid.  This one, though may seem similar to the cover photo of this post, looks so different on her! There are no extra wispy hairs around and all her hair is neatly combed in and held with hairspray. Elegant!

10. Bun and puff

By now we all know that the puff is what Deepika tends to go for most. And how creatively she does it! In this ad for Garnier she sports a clean look with her hair all up in a loose, low bun to show off her flawless skin. Tip from DP – Bring attention to your skin by taking attention away from your hair!

11. Shoulder length hair

This is a Deepika Padukone ‘homely girl’ look. Her layered hair has been strategically ironed and placed to frame her face. Her highlights really stand out and even go with the theme of her outfit. Nailed the look, DP!

12. Bun hairstyle

High neck blouse coupled with a high bun! Wow. Deepika’s look in this photo calls for a neat high bun with a teased crown. The bun is such a great option to couple with the high neck of her blouse. Try this hairstyle the next time you wear a high neck blouse with your lehenga or saree.

13. Long layered hairdo

This soft look that Deepika is wearing with a white top is elegant and simple. Simple blow dried hair with waves at the bottom matched with classy red lips. Definitely an easy hairstyle to go for! So go for it!

14. Old retro look

This is such a great look. Deepika carries it off so well, completing the look to the T with that winged eyeliner. Win win! Put your hair up in a bun and add a large bow accessory to it. Remember to beautifully curl your fringe as that takes this look a whole notch up! Party away!

15. Wavy hair

This ‘wind-in-your-hair’ sort of hairstyle is great for evening parties. My hair personally looks like this after it has been freshly washed and I have added some leave-in conditioner or curl activator to it. Try a hair mousse if you have less curly hair, it will certainly activate and hold your hair.

16. Half-up-half-down hairstyle

Quite an unusual look for DP this half up-half down with front flicks. Ironed straight, this look is definitely elegant and offbeat. It can also be worn with a fringe if you have one. Will look good with a side fringe as well. Keep it straight!

17. Front puff with raised ponytail

The classic Deepika puff reappears in this high pony hairstyle. One you have the ironed hair, tease the crown and make a high pony. Wrap a lock of hair over the elastic to hide it. Use a curling tong to curl the bottom section of the pony for extra added oomph.

18. Long wavy hairstyle

A very nice and casual day-at-the-beach look. The medium length hair that has been cut in layers, smooth ironed slightly and roused. Her crown seems to have been teased a bit here too. Try out this look for a casual day out with friends or to the beach or a picnic.

19. Elegant curls hairstyle

Deepika looks beautiful in this blue saree and elegant curls hairstyle. To re-create this Padukone look, side part your hair, backcomb the crown a bit for volume and ensure the bottom is curled well. It can be worn on Indian lehenga suits as well as with jeans and stilettos.

20. Traditional bun hairstyle

This traditional looking hairstyle combines a classic South Indian bun with net with Deepika’s signature crown height. I can tell she has worn a fake flower bang. Use real jasmine flowers to spread its beautiful fragrance all around you as you move.

21. Casual chic look

You can definitely learn a thing or two from Deepika about how to be chic. This hairstyle is clipped together at the back. What makes it unique and it gives it that extra twist though is the puffed side parting coupled with the poof at the top of the crown.

22. Braided crown open hairstyle

This open hairstyle will suit a dress or salwar perfectly. Just leave those locks loose and make a braid with the front bangs. Clip them together with a mini butterfly clip at the back.

23. Elegant updo

This chic French roll type of updo looks supremely elegant.

24. Fashion model ponytail

Go for Deepika’s fashion model ponytail by straightening your hair fully and tying it back . Work very nicely for when you wear make up as well.

25. Sleek open hairstyle

This open curly hairstyle will suit medium length hair well. Get classy by side parting you hair and brining it forward in front of the right shoulder.

As you can see Deepika Padukone tries out a variety of hairstyles from her signature puff and ponytail to more recent trends such as the blunt cut. If you liked these Deepika Padukone hairstyles you might also enjoy our posts on celebrity  hairstyles or other hairstyles for Indian girls on Hairstyle Monkey.