Stylish hairstyle- Chitrangada at LFW

How many of you follow the Lakme fashion week hoo ha every year for ideas on what’s new in fashion? The number is certainly higher than those who look for hairstyle inspirations from the week long event. Given, the styles do tend to be complicated but here’s a stylish hairstyle that you can attempt to recreate at home with some help from hairstylemonkey!

Chitrangada looked gorgeous in this Tarun Tahiliani boho outfit with an eclectic mix of reds and blue. Her hairstyle is as unconventional as the dress itself. On one side she has tightly pulled back hair that almost looks like cornrows and the other side is uberly voluminous; bangs thrown over and sprayed to stay! The rest of her hair is messily elegant in a fishtail braid. So those are the three main elements to this style.

The key to achieving this stylish hairstyle is having a short layer of hair that is about chin length to play with. The rest of your hair must be longer of course – medium to long hair works. If your hair is short, you can recreate the look sans the braid! The second and most important part of this style is hairspray, hairspray and more hairspray.

Steps to creating the stylish hairstyle:

Start by making a deep part in your hair above your left temple. Throw over your bangs/shortest layer to the right and backcomb it well, giving it ample volume. Use a volumizing spray, arrange it nicely over your head giving it height and let it be. On the left side of the partition, take tiny sections of hair, each parallel to each other, twist them up tightly and secure all of them at the back of your head. Now take the hair that remains and spray it generously with hairspray to control tiny hairs and layers. Begin fishtail braiding till the end of your hair. Tie only the last few strands up with a thin elastic that is clear or the colour of your hair. For the final steps, tease out the sections of the fishtail by pulling them outwards for a ‘flattened’ look. Spray on more hairspray to let the look last all evening. Wear this stylish hairstyle to a gala event, cocktail party or with a backless top, blouse or dress!