20 Katrina Kaif hairstyles you will love

This style is literally a signature Katrina Kaif hairstyle – soft waves, medium length hair, side parting, bangs framing the face.

We see Katrina wearing this hairstyle quite a bit, and this was her look in ZNMD.  Here’s how you can create this look for yourself. This is a nice hairstyle to make for a special day at school, to college, a lunch date or to wear with traditional Indian as well as Western outfits – suits sarees and chudidars as much as it will a tank top or summer dress!

Steps to create this Katrina Kaif hairstyle

If you have wavy or curly and frizzy hair, use a frizz easing serum like one by John Freida, and blow dry as straight as you can before you start.

  • Use some heat protecting serum or spray and distribute it through your hair with a paddle brush. The starting from the top, work your way through your hair, ironing it out. You can ignore this step if you have straight hair.
  • When you get to the end of each piece, give your hair a curl with the iron – wrap it around and release it in different directions to give your hair natural looking waves. You can loosen them out after your hair has cooled.
  • As you may have noted, this Katrina Kaif hairstyle requires a layered hair cut. This is key to the final look you achieve. Take the shortest layers that frame your face and part them slightly towards the side. Then, using your hair iron,pull the section up and away from your face and curl inwards. Keep the hair iron at a 45 degree angle from your face.
  • Use a little hair wax on the ends to create some separation and use more hairspray to set and you’re good to go!

20 Katrina Kaif hairstyles you can do at home

#1: Half-up Half-Down hairstyle

This cute Katrina Kaif hairstyle combines a classic half-up and half-down hairstyle with a neatly parted and arranged side fringe. The other factor that makes this look stand out from other half-up and down hairstyle is the puff or bouffant on the crown of her head.




#2: Hair band hairstyle

This is an absolutely cute Katrina Kaif hair band hairstyle. Simply straight iron medium to long hair and pair it with a cloth hair band.



#3: Wet Look hairstyle

A wet hair look is great for days spent by the beach or pool. Use a wet hair gel to create this look. It may help to work the product into already wet or damp hair. Combine it with dewy skin make-up.



#4: Katrin  in a ponytail

A simple, yet very fancy hairstyle for evening gowns and occasions. A side ponytail with a neat side parting that has been combed well over a portion of her face. The other side of the partition has hair pulled away from the face creating an interesting contrast.



#5: Messy curly bun

This look can be casual or sultry depending on how you carry it off. Divide your front bangs in a deep side parting and arrange then across your forehead and face. Sweep up the rest of your hair for a high twisted ponytail. Lease some strands loose.



#6: Katrina with long curly hair

This is a long haired and curly look of Katrina’s. Remember the days when Katrina loved her hair long? This may have been from that time. It is refreshing to see her with different hair lengths and styles now.



#7: Red highlights

These red highlights in Katrina’s hair are refreshing and add a fun emo twist to regular hair. The best part is that these red highlights can be achieved by using hair extensions alone.



#8: Bridal look with curly hair

This is a very gorgeous short and curled hairstyle that Katrina is wearing for this bridal scene. The short hair really accentuates her shoulders and her curls are neatly arranged to frame her face.



#9: In long ponytail hairstyle

This long pin straight pony tail that Katrina Kaif is wearing has been paired with a tiny tiara. The fringe is interesting with the ‘V’ shaped partition in her hair with the strands combed outwards.



#10: Loose bun with headband

This look of Katrina’s is like that of a modern domestic goddess Her hairband and says housewife but the lipstick and unkempt loose bun says sexy. It’s a cool fusion look to be tried for a naughty and nice feel!



#11: Loose curly hairstyle

This is a cool curly hair look for long and layered hair. The wind in her hair adds to the oomph of the look. So try curling with a large barrel iron or in big rollers the next time you know you’re going to an outdoor event when they may be a breeze in your hair.


#12:  Bubble ponytail

This is a messy yet pretty bubble ponytail look that Katrina Kaif has on. The added wreath of flowers adds so much elegance to this simple look.



#13: Red layered hairstyle

If you’re really tired of the color of your hair, maybe go for a deep red like Katrina in this look. If your complexion is similar to her’s (or Lara Dutta’s! – I can totally imagine Lara Dutta looking great with this hair color)



#14: In rockstar tresses

With these soft waves, dark eye make up and large earrings Katrina looks rocker chic! The ends of her curls seem to have been held together with a separating wax or spray to keep them from mixing up in to a single mass of hair. Good tip!



#15: Middle parted loose pigtails

Two pigtails aren’t just for schoolgirls! Try them out the next time you feel like a child at heart. Curl the ponytail with an iron to make them more interesting.



#16: Half pin-up hairstyle

Wispy fringe and curled hair in a half-up half pony. A cute and simple hairstyle for when you don’t have much prep time.



#17: Katrina Kaif  in long hair

Katrina’s long, layered haircut has been blow dried outward for this look with a side partition. This is a nice maxi dress hairstyle or for any occasion really.



#18: Mocha curly hairstyle

Katrina Kaif sports a ‘baby-doll’ look in this picture. The tightly curled hair and high crown coupled with the brightly colored polka dots on her top really complete the look!



#19: In straight long hairstyle

Katrina is rocking a simple straightened hair look above. She has been careful to keep her hair away from the detail on the left shoulder of her top.


#20: Kaala Chashma look

Finally, how can we not have a Kaala Chashma look picture when doing a Katrina post?! This look used the classic slight side parting of Katrina’s and blow dried it simple to create some waves blown outwards. Doesn’t she rock the maang tika look?



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