Bollywood hairstyle – Aish in Action Replayy

Aishwarya sported this hairstyle in the song chhan ke mohalla in the film Action Replayy. Here’s a quick lesson on how to re-create this hairstyle yourself at home. It’s a really simple hairstyle to make at home yourself. You will need a bumpit.

Bumpits usually come in sets of three or more. You can buy these hair volumizing bumpits online on Flipkart or in a fancy store. You can use either the large or the middle sized bumpit for this style. Keep the tiny one to give just your fringe a little bump or to help you with the puff hairstyle. See how to make a puff hairstyle on this post.

Steps to create Aishwarya Rai’s hair style

  • Begin with straightened hair. Use a smoothing serum for a neat look and to calm fly aways.
  • Keep a partition comb handy to section out your bangs or the front section of your hair. The first two inches or so from above your forehead. Part them to one side, whichever you wish.
  • Next take a big section of hair from right behind this partitioned section and backcomb it on the top of your head. Throw it forward.
  • Place the medium (or large) bumpit right behind the part you have backcombed and throw back your hair over it.
  • Use the partition comb to redo the front two inches, they tend to get mixed up with the remaining backcombed hair.
  • Smoothen the backcombed hair neatly over the bumpit, making sure to cover it entirely. Gather this hair right behind the bumpit and secure it with sliding pins or a tight jaw clip.
  • Spray on some hairspray to set the style and make sure the rest of your hair is loose and tangle free.

The rest of your hair can even be left wavy for a different look! There are bumpits available in the market that are just a sponge. That may suit girls with fine or thin hair.

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