20 Priyanka Chopra hairstyles you will absolutely love

Most girls we know today have layered haircuts. So, first we will show you how to make this piggy chops hairstyle for wavy hair and then we will walk you through a further 20 Priyanka Chopra hairstyles that you might like.

This is an easy go-to Priyanka Chopra hairstyle for any occasion or do and can work on women with long, short, curly, wavy or straight hair! You do not need to necessarily have freshly washed hair for this style.

  1. To begin, spray on a straightening cream that will also protect from heat styling. Spread the product all through your strands and get your hair iron heating.
  2. Part your hair into bottom, middle, top and crown sections and secure them with hair clips. Begin ironing the bottom most layer in small sections.
  3. Iron the entire length out straight and flip alternate sections of the ends outwards and inwards. Repeat for entire middle layer. Watch this video on how to iron your hair for straight hair for guidance.
  4. When you reach the top layer, iron out the length but pull the iron out away from your hair. Then comb the freshly ironed section (when still hot) with a paddle brush. Place the brush under the section and brush outward and down creating some volume. Set the ends framing your face – inwards.
  5. For your crown, choose the parting you like or just stick to Priyanka’s slightly side parted look.
  6. Iron your hair outwards and comb from below with a smooth paddle brush, curling the ends inwards to frame your face. Brush the hair framing your face outwards away from your face like it has been done with PC’s hair.

Below are 20 more Priyanka Chopra hairstyles you can try out

#1: Priyanka Chopra in slight wavy curls

Priyanka Chopra is one of the few Bollywood actresses who love experimenting with her looks.  In this style, she has just given slight curls towards the end and side swept them. She has also chosen lovely long earrings to go with the evening casual dress.  You can try this if your hair is medium in length. This hairstyle could go well with traditional outfits as well.

#2: In short hairstyle

Priyanka looks stunningly stylish in this cute wavy bob style. This is a great style for those of you who have curly short hair. Just blow dry and add a lot of volume spray. Wavy bob hairstyles with luscious curls and texturized ends are perfect effortless options for summer.

#3: In short bob hairstyle

Priyanka sported a cute angles chin – length bob with clean straight lines for her film “Whats your Rashee“. Undoubtedly she looks young and bubbly in this hairdo. Try this if you have short and straight hair. Also part it and let one side fall on your cheeks. Looks very classy, modern and chic.

#4: Hair on side hairstyle

Check out this stylish red-carpet side swept hairstyle that Priyanka Chopra carried at the TOIFA Awards in Vancouver.  This hairstyle can look appropriate with an evening cocktail gown and at the same time on a pretty traditional outfit as well! For this curl the hair below the ears and pull them all to one side, secure with pins. You can pin your hair to the side to keep it in place or let it fall naturally, if you don’t mind arranging your hair later if it falls out of place.

#5: Messy curly bun

This is another red-carpet hairstyle that is perfect for evening gowns. It goes perfectly with the shimmery halter necked award ceremony dress that PeeCee carried with just as much oomph. The curls that drop down her cheeks till the shoulder on both the sides gives her a playful look and makes it more refreshing and glamorous.

#6: Messy braided look

Priyanka looks simply chic in this hairstyle. She has chosen this hairdo for jeans and a top, but it can be made to go with the casual or Indian blingy outfits too. Just curl all the hair and then make a side braid. Loosen the braid to give it a thicker look. Use elastic to secure the braid and use a piece of hair to cover the elastic. Take some pieces of hair near the ears and temples to frame the face. Keep the entire style messy to complete the look

#7: Straight hair with fringes

Priyanka Chopra is seen sporting this hairstyle very often. Her silky shiny hair are sure to turn heads. A shine serum does the trick for every girl.  This is a straight wispy hairdo with short wispy flicks ideal for those with medium to long hair. This front fringe hairstyle is good for those who wish to keep it simple yet trendy. It is also very easy to maintain and can be carried easily for a long day.

#8: Curly look

We on Hairstyle Monkey love curls! Going curly is a great way to make hair look voluminous. Priyanka has naturally thick hair so her curls are bound to look amazing. A big, bushy and curly look that any college girl can also wear.

#9: Priyanka Chopra in long brown open hair

Priyanka has a serious look here, but her hair is highlighted and straight and is diffused for separation. Her hair is not combed in a straight manner and falls on both the sides unevenly making it perfect for a photoshoot pose.

Priyanka-Chopra-long-brown open

#10: Priyanka Chopra in a short hair with side fringes

Another cute look. Priyanka Chopra is super talented and she experiments with her looks a lot. Whether it’s her hair color or the hairstyle she sports for events and public appearances. How many actresses can go this short? We love the look.  The two level feather haircut is quite unique and suits only a few people. The blue eye makeup makes our diva look stunning!

#11: Priyanka Chopra in loose and bouncing curls

A pretty, curly hairstyle that suits anyone with thick hair. Thin hair can also be made to look voluminous by making loose and big curls that look like they are bouncing. Divide the hair equally and let them fall on your shoulders on both the sides. Looks great on a lehenga or any other traditional outfit.


#12: Priyanka Chopra in a straight look

Another classy pin-straight look. Straight Hair is something we see Priyanka sporting often. It looks classy with western attire and graceful with her shimmering saree. Her highlighted eyes and nude makeup together complement her look. Priyanka looked stunning when she walked the ramp during the Lakmé Fashion Week.


#13: Priyanka Chopra in a side swept ponytail

This is another simple side swept ponytail hairstyle that Priyanka has flaunted on a celebrity evening. You can try this if you have medium wavy hair. Pair it with big diamond earrings to complement the Indian or Western outfit like this one.

#14: Priyanka Chopra in a puff with a ponytail

For this hairstyle take the front section and back comb it. Make a regular pouf of desirable height and then make a pony tail. This is just perfect for a very stylish western outfit. Team it with a statement neck piece to make the hairstyle and even attractive. This is also a cool way to add an edge to an otherwise simple hairstyle.

#15: With thick bangs and highlighted hair

Seems like wavy hair with bangs are actually made for Priyanka. She is the first Indian celeb who have experimented frequently with varied bangs and looked just fantastic in every style. Her hair look rough and the bangs on her forehead totally completes her rockstar look.

#16: In layered brown hair

Desi Girl ‘Priyanka Chopra’ looked super hot in a Nude color saree for Dostana. Her brown coloured hair cut in layers looked super sassy as they were the highlights of her look since there were no accessories. Her saree is also draped perfectly showcasing her sexy curves.

#17: In loop in braid hairstyle

A bubble ponytail and hair accessory for Priyanka’s Mar Jaawan/Fashion look that she totally killed. It is certainly not a hair-do for the everyday look but a ramp ready feel of this hair-do unleashes beauty and splendour all at once.  It is easy to make and uber chic.

#18: Messy wavy short hairstyle

This is such a cute and fun summer haircut and we are sure all the young girls would love to try this one out! If you have short hair, cut them unevenly on both the sides and part them on one side. The rough messy look makes it look edgy.

#19: In a ponytail with fringes and puff

This hairstyle is easy and good for girls for college or day time. Just backcomb the front section after parting out the front fringes and then make a ponytail. This hairstyle will also be suitable for office to make a style statement. You can look cool and sophisticated at the same time.

#20: In a long wavy hairstyle

A long haired look for salwar kameez. The first thought of Priyanka brings ‘a pretty women with wavy hairstyle’ into our minds and that is because wavy hair dos match her perfectly well.

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