Hairstyle for long hair – curls without heat

Katrina Kaif’s hair is almost always worn long or at least mid length. If you are looking for a hairstyle for long hair – you can always turn to Katrina Kaif’s styles to pick out ideas for your own medium length or long hair.

In this article we will learn how to make this Katrina Kaif hairstyle for long hair with loose twisty curls with ease. All you need is time, some long, foam curling rods, curling cream – like Foxy Curls –  and no heating tools! A little bit of frizz is okay for this hairstyle, but the cream should be able to eliminate some of it and give hold.

Steps to make the twisty hairstyle for long hair:

Begin with damp hair or moisten your hair with a spray bottle. Make the partition you want – a slight side part like Katrina’s here or any other way you like.

Apply a curling cream all over your slightly damp hair. Then beginning at the crown, separate your hair in to 2 or 3 inch sections. Take a long curling rod and start twisting your hair around it. Start at the bottom of the rod and twist upwards in a spiral, not around the same spot on the rod. Once you’ve wound all your hair, twist the top of the rod downwards to hold it. It will look like an inverted ‘J’.Keep doing this till all of your hair is up in rods! If you want tight curls, use smaller sections of hair and more rods.

Let it sit in your hair for about half an hour at the least. Better still to leave it on overnight. Then start unwrapping your hair from the rods in more or less the same order that you began. Once you’ve removed the curling rods, loosen your curls a little bit. They will get looser with time so don’t worry if it seems too tightly curled.

This Katrina Kaif hairstyle will look good if you’re wearing a lehenga with a fitted choli! Flip all your curls to one side or on either side like Katrina to show of your choli back! So much excitement.

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