Maxi dress hairstyles: 22 ways to look stunning

The maxi dress – opposite of a mini dress – can be charming, elegant, classy and sexy. It is one of the most preferred gowns in India and the question always is about what hairstyle looks good in them. Below are a list of maxi dress hairstyles you can choose from on your next big occasion.

#1: Side braid for Indian women in maxi dress

A simple side braid can go a long way with a maxi dress. To make it more interesting, pin up one section of your hair on either side after taking a side parting.




#2: Crown braid for maxi dress

For an Indian themed maxi dress, try braiding your hair like a french braid all around the edge of your hairline like a crown while leaving the rest free flowing.


#3: Curly down-do hairstyle for maxi dress

For a more classic look, try side parting and curling your hair up in elegant curls. Match with red or other deep lipstick to complete the look.


#4: Curly locks and braid to match maxi dress

Perfect for an off-shoulder dress or a girly look, this one combines classic full curls with a teased braid. Braid as per usual and tease the knots open a bit with a comb.


#5: Deepika Padukone braid for maxi dress

Deepika does away with her usual puff-top for this side braid on a maxi dress. Her hairstyle looks semi-casual and elegant.



#6: Deepika puff hairstyle to suit formal palazzo

This palazzo pant adds a lot of volume to the bottom of Padukone’s frame. She has therefore chosen to negate the top by going for a tight ponytail paired with her usual Padukone puff (that phrase should be copyrighted.)


#7: Diagonal braid to wear with maxi gown

Try this diagonal waterfall braid with a fluffy gown. Look for fishtail hairstyles on Hairstyle Monkey!


#8: Greek goddess hairstyle for maxi dress

This Greek Goddess hairstyle for maxi dress involves a half gathered hair that is double twisted and secured. The rest of the hair stays loose.


#9: High puff and juda hairstyle with maxi dress

Try out a high puff hairstyle for a classic gown look. You can choose to add a pretty hair accessory to the juda to add some glamour.


#10: Indian poof hairstyles with maxi dress

This half ponytail with this Indian maxi dress is made more interesting by the addition of a bouffant or poof. Use a diamante clip or fresh flowers to accentuate the look.



#11: Bipasha side ponytail that goes well with maxi dress

Bips looks amazing in this fluffy and curly side ponytail. Take a side parting and comb your hair over your face, remember to leave a couple strands on the opposite side of the ponytail. This one is an excellent hairstyle to do if you are in a  hurry.


#12: Maxi dress, mini braid

This hairstyle is super simple and elegant. Take a middle parting, and section your hair on either side. Braid these sections and connect them at the back with a snazzy clip or hair tie. Add flowers or hair jewellery for added oomph.


#13: Maxi dress top knot

If you’re pressed for time, the top knot is the way to go! Gather your hair up in a ponytail, leaving wisps down the front and sides. Once you’ve fastened your elastic band on your ponytail , tie the rest of the hair in a topknot and secure with pins.



#14: Neat juda to suit maxi dress look

This chignon style bun is really becoming and will make you look like a Bollywood star.

#15: Open hairstyle with side parting for maxi gown

An elegant side parting with loose waves – what’s not to love?! This is a great look for traditional as well and western outfits, be it casual or formal.


#16: Open straight hair with maxi dress

Time to bring out the hair iron! Flat iron your hair to achieve this super sleek look and finish off with some serum to tame any fly aways. This works with a side or middle part too. Don’t forget to use a heat protective product on your hair first though!



#17: Side bangs open hairstyle for maxi dress

Not every hairstyle has to be so buttoned up. Sometimes you can look super sexy just by letting that hair loose and messy.



#18: Side swept open hairstyle for maxi dress

A step cut and long front bangs suit this long dress perfectly


#19: Updo with middle parting and maxi dress

Flower or hair jewelry always add a nice twist. This hair bun style looks great.


#20: Waterfall braid and princess locks with maxi skirt

This waterfall hairstyle looks lovely with the long curly locks.


#21: Waterfall braid for long maxi gown

Another example of a waterfall braid where the hair doesn’t have to be curly to look nice.


#22: Wavy hairstyle for medium length hair in maxi party dress

This bob has all the volume and bounce you nice to look great in a maxi dress.



Whatever your style ease wether polished and clean or wild and messy there is always a hairstyle that will be a good match for a maxi dress.