19 Fishtail Hairstyles for that hip look

Fishtail hairstyles are all the rage these days. Although they have been around since eternity I first found out about them while studying in California. All the hipsters and cooler girls would tie their hair up this way. What’s cool is that there are many variations that fishtail hairstyles can take. You can braid short ones while letting the rest of your hair loose or you can go viking queen tie it up really thick.

Here are 19 fishtail hairstyles that will make you look hip

#1: Marine Blue with purple colour fishtail braid hairstyle

This thin fishtail plait on neon blue hair looks too cool. Just a simple braid going down the middle of otherwise loose hair.


#2: Short and thick fishtail hairstyle

You could also try a similar approach with a thicker variation

Half up Fishtail Braid Hairstyle


#3: Balayage fishtail braid hairstyle

Fishtail hairstyles look particularly great on hair with highlights. This girl has got it right as her balayage looks awesome through the woven strands of her fishtail braid


#4: Messy fishtail braid

Even if you don’t have long or thick enough hair you  could do a messy fishtail braid with hair extensions for added volume.


#5: Fishtail Braid hairstyle with Ash Blonde Extensions

Obviously this is the ultimate hairstyle for the beach. Salty hair looks great when its braided up


#6: Tody fishtail braids 

You can also look super tidy for school by making the braid really thin. This looks extra nice if you or you little girl have long hair


#7: French fishtail with soft waves half updo hairstyle

I love this variation because it just shows how many options you have. The fishtail is flat and thick and complements the loose wavy hair


#8:High fishtail ponytail

If you are going out partying or to a more formal occasion where you will be wearing a gown you might consider a high fishtail braid like the model below


#9: One side messy fishtail braid hairstyle

Wear it to the side with pride! This side swept hairstyle looks awesome


#10: Double fishtail braid with rainbow hair

Go hippie an die your hair wild colors and braid it up to get that happy go lucky look.


#11: Blue-purple half up half down hairstyle 

I love this because again it showcases the variation in highlights and texture


#12: Messy & twisted 

Go for that scandinavian viking look.


#13: Loose French fishtail with red strands hairstyle


#14: Half updo Dutch braid with knots hairstyle


#15: French fishtail braid hairstyle

Another tidy version


#16: Woven Dutch braid 

This thick fishtail braid with purple highlights looks great. A small braid is interwoven in the middle.


#17: Low fishtail updo hairstyle


#18: Basket woven half up fishtail hairstyle


#19: Dutch mermaid braid hairstyle with highlighted hair

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