31 Best Front Puff Hairstyles to Wear With Saree or Dress

Puff hairstyles are ideally suited for formal functions such as weddings and receptions. They make perfect bridal hairstyles and look good with hairstyles for lehenga too. They can also make you stand out at a party.

All you women out there, young and young at heart would like to flaunt a pretty puff hairstyle for some occasion or the other. Whether to dinner with the big, extended family, to your neighbor’s satsang, or to a birthday party where that cute boy you’ve been eyeing is going to be.Whether you are doing a party hairstyle or something else, Puff hairstyles style don’t require much time and can be done on hair of all lengths. It doesn’t even matter if your hair is not freshly washed. Convinced about the ease? Kareena Kapoor flaunts the puff hairstyle quite often.

Puff hairstyles prerequisites

  • More often than not, puff hairstyles suit long straight hair. Medium hair can also work.
  • If you do have curly hair  then you can consider some of the messy puff ideas shown below. Otherwise you might need to spend some time ironing your hair out beforehand
  • Can you get away without hairspray? The answer is yes, you don’t need hairspray necessarily if you don’t have it especially if you are using and artificial poof to prop the puff / bump up.
  • However, if you have hairspray  you can tease your hair and spray the back layer. This way you make the puff with your own hair
  • Lots of bobby pins or some kind of fastener

Steps to create puff hairstyles

  1. Take a very small portion of hair from your crown, from just within your temples is great for a top puff. If you’re going for a side puff, take a small portion that is off-centered.
  2. To make a neat puff, comb your hair free of tangles and blow dry or iron the portion. The rest of your hair can remain straight or wavy or curly.
  3. Now,  decide on where you want to clip it up – right on top of your head or a little bit ahead or behind of this spot. Holding the portion in your hand at this point, twist your hair gently towards the left. Twist it once or twice and then push it gently towards the roots/forehead, giving it some height. Look in the mirror to decide the height you want to keep. It also depends on your hair length. If you’re trying this style with overgrown bangs, then you may not have much height at first. The best way to make sure you can it right is to use an artificial poof to prop your hair up and get the ideal puff shape.
  4. If you don’t have an artificial poof you can also tease a layer of your hair. If you don’t know what teasing is don’t worry it’s just a fancy way of saying “comb backwards”. This will bulk up you hair and you can create a natural puff without needing to buy any accessories
  5. Secure with a tight clip or bobby pin. If you like you can spray some hairspray to tame flyaways.

Enjoy your puff style! You can either curl or straighten the rest of your hair or let it be natural.

Hairstyles you can combine with a puff

What is so great about puff hairstyles is that if you have medium or long hair you can combine them with different hairstyles for girls to make your own unique style. Broadly there are two ways you can go

  1. Neat and tied up: Puff hairstyles with French Braids, fishtail braids, ponytails are great ways to keep everything tidy.
  2. Loose and formal: Let your long hair fall on your shoulders or add some princess locks or side ringlets to make an entrance.

31 Puff hairstyles that will get heads turning

#1: Puff bun hairstyle

#2: Puff bun hairstyle

We love this puff because it is such a great example of what can be done with puff hairstyles with a little imagination. Go out all 80s with an exaggerated high puff and corn braid the sides. At the back you can roll your hair into a tidy bun or tie it up in a ponytail. This puff hairstyle could even suit short hair if you are careful.

#3: Low puff with ponytail hairstyle

It’s very common to combine puff hairstyles with ponytails. If you are in a rush and need to tame that long hair fast then making a puff and tying the rest up into a ponytail will make it look as if you’ve just come out of the beauty parlor. If you are up for it try adding some highlights or color to your hair.

#4: Puff  with side parting for open hair

Side swept hairstyles are an awesome way to wear the puff with a twist. You can go extra wild like in the image above and add extra volume to your puff for that je-ne-sais-quoi look.

#5: High puff hairstyle

This high puff will make you Bollywood and elegant at the same time. It’s an example of how simple hairstyles  can also be beautiful. To make it you might need to tease the bottom layers quite a bit. Otherwise you will need to go out and get yourself that  poof accessory to make everything stay the shape you want.

#6: Long puff with side bangs and ponytail

We like this puff because it is exaggerated and because of the side bangs. The voluminous puff gives the hairstyle a regal look. In fact the puff originates from France in the late 1700s when Marie Antoinette sported the hairstyle for the first time. So it is truly a hairstyle for queens and princesses.

#7: The open hair puff hairstyle

This image show the quintessential puff hairstyle. The broad puff is tied back to keep the rest of the hair out of the face. The forehead is accentuated and suits the long face. As we said, this is a hairstyles fit for queens so combining it with jewelry will make you stand out even more.

#8: Messy puff hairstyle with bangs for highlighted hair

You don’t necessarily need straight hair to do a puff. Though most of time if you do an image search for puff hairstyles you will mostly see them being combined with long straight hair. But if you have curly South Indian hair like me you can go for  a messy hairstyle too. In this case adding a front side parting can make you look unique. If you want to look extra hip you can go for some additional colors and highlights. This is sure to make your hairstyle more interesting.

#9: Puff with ponytail

Puffy hairstyles don’t always have to be exaggerated. Especially if the function you are attending is not too formal. For example you make a low puff and tie up your hair into a ponytail. This will hardly take any time and the most you need to do is some combing and perhaps some spraying to keep things into place.

#10: Puff for long curly hair for weddings

We love this hairstyle because it combing the puff with long hair in a unique way. If you are attending a wedding or getting married and creating your wedding hairstyle yourself then you might want to pay extra attention to your hair after making the puff. Rolling and curling your hair into princess locks is bound to ask some people whether you are royalty. This gives an extremely majestic look with hardly any effort at all.

#11: Puff at back bun hairstyle

When you wear a puff at the back it is usually called a pouf from the French. This is a great idea when you want to highlight you side bangs at the front.

#12: Puff hairstyle with fishtail braid 

If you are tired of always tying your  hair up into a ponytail you could try showcasing you puff hairstyle with a fishtail braid. This will require some extra investment in time. I think you will agree though that the effect is stunning!


#13: Symmetric bridal puff  hairstyle

This symmetric bridal puff is almost like a bridal tiara made out of hair. To replicate make sure to use a comb with wide gaps between the teeth. This will allow you to create those thick tiara like partings on your puff. Make sure you create the peak in the middle. Remember beauty is often about symmetry. Wearing the loose curls to the side though gives you that more innocent look.

#14: Deepika Padukone puff and bun hairstyle

Deepika is the de facto queen of puff hairstyles. I think it’s because of Deepika Padukone’s hairstyles that puff hairstyles have become so popular. This hairstyle suits old and young women alike. It sends vibes of beauty and wisdom at the same time. It works well with thick hair and  will look extra sexy if you have balayaged it.


#15: Deepika Padukone puff and loose open hair

The puff that Deepika is wearing here is less exaggerated. Sometime keeping it simple with a half updo is all you need especially if you want to spruce up for another day at the office or school.

#16: Layered puff over French chignon

This is one of our favorites as it combines two French hairstyles into one with a twist. The French chignon and French puff make a perfect match. Notice in the pic how the model has used different layers to create and interesting effect.


#17: Mean high puff 

If you are confident enough you can try going for this super model look. The high puff attracts attention and the slick back hair on the side tells everyone you can talk fashion. This is a conversation starter and head turner any way you look at it. Note the high updo / ponytail at the back. Combine with a saree or a strapless gown if you are feeling more adventurous.

#18: Wavy puff hairstyle and updo

Puff hairstyles don’t always have to be symmetrical around the middle as illustrated in this pic. A wavy side puff can be just as interesting. Combined with an intricate updo or bun at the back and some jewelry you can look extremely elegant.


#19: Exaggerated catwalk style balcony puff

Ok I am guessing you might be a little shy to try to the style above. I just wanted to show you that there are no limitations with a puff. You could consider a less exaggerated puff with a high ponytail though. This will be a good hairstyle to do if you have are going out to some function where you need to wear a gown.

#20: Pompadour puff on curly hair

The pompadour is a specific kind of puff with more volume taken from the sides as well. This puff hairstyle works very well for curly locks and goes well with any length of hair.


#21: Puff  with very short hair

You can still do a puff if you have short hair. It is often called a pompadour and surprisingly  you often see it on men even though it was originally meant for women’s hairstyles. If you have short hair you will probably need some hairspray or styling mousse to make the puff and get it to stay in place.


#22: Puff hairstyle with half updo

If you have long curly hair then you might want to consider doing the puff with a half updo. This will keep hair from getting into your face but will showcase those beautiful locks of yours. There are some really quick hairstyles for long hair by the way that you could so when you are in a hurry. An expert puff maker can do in seconds.


#23: Headband puff and ponytail hairstyle

Another way to do a puff is to wear a headband on top. This is super nice when you long hair is tied up into a ponytail. This way you can show off your face. It is also a nice opportunity to show off those nice earrings of yours.

#24: Gelled back fashion model puff 

For those of you who are feeling especially adventurous you can try this fashion model puff. The  puff is made with styling mousse and is combed all the way back. You can tie up your hair into a half updo if you feel uncomfortable going for the exact look in the pic.

#25: French puff hairstyle for medium hair

Puff hairstyles can also look good on medium shoulder length hair. All you need to do is bunch up those layers and get them to stay in place with a pin. This is an excellent look for the office or any other semi formal occasion.

#26: Braided high puff

We like this image because it shows just how creative you can be with this one hairstyle. A braided puff can look beautiful, powerful and mystical at the same time. Bring on that huntress spirit and give it a go!


#27: Puff with front side parting

Here is another example of a puff hairstyle where keeping simple can be beautiful. If you have front bangs that you have been growing out and they are not long enough for the puff then this is an excellent alternative. By letting the bangs at the front hang loose to the side and making a puff with the rest of your hair you can get the beautiful result above.


#28: Hip side puff for long curly hair

If you want to go for that American hipster look then you can try a side puff. The long loose hair will accentuate your eyes and face. Come on give it a go! You know you want to!


#29: Low casual puff hairstyle

Puff don’t always have to be large and voluminous. A discrete low puff can command respect without seeking to attract too much attention. Tie up the rest of your hair up into a ponytail to get it out of the way.


#30: Uniform puff and ponytail

Finally, a puff doesn’t only need to be on top. You can also add some volume to the side and get an excellent and unique result.

#31: Puff bun hairstyle


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