30 Puff hairstyles for 2016

Puff hairstyles are ideally suited for formal functions such as weddings and receptions. They make perfect bridal hairstyles and look good with hairstyles for lehenga too.  They can also make you stand out at a party.

All you women out there, young and young at heart would like to flaunt a pretty puff hairstyle for some occasion or the other. Whether to dinner with the big, extended family, to your neighbor’s satsang, or to a birthday party where that cute boy you’ve been eyeing is going to be.Whether you are doing a party hairstyle or something else, Puff hairstyles style don’t require much time and can be done on hair of all lengths. It doesn’t even matter if your hair is not freshly washed. Convinced about the ease? Kareena Kapoor flaunts the puff hairstyle quite often.

Puff hairstyles prerequisites

  • More often than not, puff hairstyles suit long straight hair. Medium hair can also work.
  • If you do have curly hair  then you can consider some of the messy puff ideas shown below. Otherwise you might need to spend some time ironing your hair out beforehand
  • Can you get away without hairspray? The answer is yes, you don’t need hairspray necessarily if you don’t have it especially if you are using and artificial poof to prop the puff / bump up.
  • However, if you have hairspray  you can tease your hair and spray the back layer. This way you make the puff with your own hair
  • Lots of bobby pins or some kind of fastener

Steps to create puff hairstyles

  1. Take a very small portion of hair from your crown, from just within your temples is great for a top puff. If you’re going for a side puff, take a small portion that is off-centered.
  2. To make a neat puff, comb your hair free of tangles and blow dry or iron the portion. The rest of your hair can remain straight or wavy or curly.
  3. Now,  decide on where you want to clip it up – right on top of your head or a little bit ahead or behind of this spot. Holding the portion in your hand at this point, twist your hair gently towards the left. Twist it once or twice and then push it gently towards the roots/forehead, giving it some height. Look in the mirror to decide the height you want to keep. It also depends on your hair length. If you’re trying this style with overgrown bangs, then you may not have much height at first. The best way to make sure you can it right is to use an artificial poof to prop your hair up and get the ideal puff shape.
  4. If you don’t have an artificial poof you can also tease a layer of your hair. If you don’t know what teasing is don’t worry it’s just a fancy way of saying “comb backwards”. This will bulk up you hair and you can create a natural puff without needing to buy any accessories
  5. Secure with a tight clip or bobby pin. If you like you can spray some hairspray to tame flyaways.

Enjoy your puff style! You can either curl or straighten the rest of your hair or let it be natural.

Hairstyles you can combine with a puff

What is so great about puff hairstyles is that if you have medium or long hair you can combine them with different hairstyles for girls to make your own unique style. Broadly there are two ways you can go

  1. Neat and tied up: Puff hairstyles with French Braids, fishtail braids, ponytails are great ways to keep everything tidy.
  2. Loose and formal: Let your long hair fall on your shoulders or add some princess locks or side ringlets to make an entrance.

30 Puff hairstyles that are easy to do and will get heads turning

#1: Puff bun hairstyle