20 Waterfall hairstyles for cute braids

Braided waterfall hairstyles are an easy way to add glam to your hair. It looks complicated and like you’ve spent a lot of time on it but honestly, once you master it, it’s cake walk!

The waterfall hairstyle looks beautiful on most kinds of hair – fine, straight, wavy or curly. If you have big, unmanageable hair, you can still make the braid and then tie it up instead of letting it loose, if you prefer.

Before you begin, understand that this style is nothing but the French braid, but with one strand (the bottom most one) of the three pieces let loose and not included in the rest of the plait. If you’ve never French plaited your hair before, watch this video on how to french braid your own hair. The video suggests using a clear elastic to tie your top section of hair, but you can do it easily without.

Steps to create waterfall hairstyles

  1. First, start at one top corner of your hair and take three pieces to begin a French braid like you would normally.
  2. Cross over the right hand part over the middle and then the left hand part over it. All good so far?
  3. Next pick up a new piece from the top, and add it to the piece that’s been braided.
  4. Now in a normal French braid you would do the same to the bottom piece – that is, you would pick a new strand from behind the braid and ADD it to the braid. In a waterfall braid you would let loose the bit that you have in your hand and pick up a new piece – that is, there will be no adding.

I know this all sounds confusing to read, so watch this tutorial on waterfall braiding your own hair to see what I mean. Keep braiding till you wish to and secure with a pin or an elastic. Take the time to understand it, and it will pay off in a gorgeous looking hairstyle! Happy waterfall braiding!

Next up some inspirational pics of waterfall hairstyles. As you can see there are many variations.

20 Waterfall hairstyles you should totally try

#1: Cute waterfall hairstyle for curly hair

This cute waterfall hairstyle braid is one of the nicest ones we have seen. Each intersection of the upper braid is decorated with a pin to keep things in place. The separate strands of hair tumble down and end up becoming cute ringlets.


#2: Thick curls with side pin 

Here we have some curly locks that are tied by the waterfall braid about half-way down. The side pin is super cute!



#3:  With braided flower

After you have learnt how to do the simple waterfall braid you can start getting more creative. For example, the pic above shows a normal waterfall plait that then meets a knotted braid that has been women in the shape of a flower.



#4: For short straight hair

The cool thing about waterfall hairstyles is that they look cute no matter what your hair is like.  Here is an example of how the braid works nicely with medium length straight hair.


#5: Rope style half updo

Here we have an excellent variation of the waterfall hairstyle with the braid starting at the top and making it way down to the bottom. The hair at the front is puffed with the plait starting on the side and running along the back and back down.


#6: Heart shaped

In this pic the braid is thicker than usual and meets in the middle where it is tied up with a small band. Looks neat and the curly downdo looks amazing!


#7: For straight long hair

If you have straight long hair you can create a really impactful statement with a waterfall hairstyle. Here the plait slightly lopsided. The texture and dyed tips give the feeling or smooth running water. This look has been inspired by Korean hairstyles and is perfect for those who have that silkiness in their hair.


#8: Waterfall plait with ombre hair

Here is a super cool hairstyle. It is pleasing to the eye because of the shirt in color about halfway down. The thick wavy locks have been woven through a tight crown braid at the top. The encompassing flowers give the hairstyle that spring bridesmaid look.



#9: Prom waterfall hair look

Prom Hairstyle Waterfall Braid

If you are going out to a prom or party you can easily curl your separate locks of hair. When you weave them through the waterfall braid they will cascade down your shoulders in wavy princess locks.


#10: French braid waterfall hairstyle for blonde hair

Here we have the braid starting high at the temples in front and moving in a diagonal heart shaped direction. Another example of just how creative you can be with your waterfall hairstyle.


#11: Triple twist waterfall braid

Why stick to one braid when you can do three.  This hairstyle is super cute and casual. It would be a nice way to wear you hair to school or college.


#12:  Waterfall scissor braid

This one has a thick fishtail / scissor braid running along the top. It’s a great variation that will suit long thin hair.



#13: One side cascading

Another creative way to sport the waterfall hairstyle is to make a thick plait start at the top and move along diagonally downwards. The thick braid makes a nice contrast with the abundance of thin strands of hair.



#14: Multiple braids waterfall

Now here we have a hairstyle where you really have some time on your hands. A fishtail plait has been woven in between each of the waterfall braid loops. The result is a perfect idea for a school hairstyle.


#15: Simple for shoulder length hair

We like this one because it consists of wispy locks. It is a simple and attractive rendition of this hairstyle.


#16: Woven waterfall braid hairstyle 

Here we have a nice play on the waterfall hairstyle theme with an intricate pattern of interwoven hair. Looks unique and will surely be a conversation starter at a party.

#17: Simple waterfall hairstyle

Here we have another variation with straight hair. Keeping simple is keeping it real!


#18: Waterfall headband into half up braided rosette

This is an excellent example of how to combine a ponytail into the mix. So the plait moves along the temples of the forehead and the woven strands of hair meet the ponytail and a cute knotted flower braid at the back. This one is a super cute hairstyle to try for school.



#19: One sided waterfall braid for ombre hair

Who said waterfall hairstyles should always be placed at the back. Here we have an excellent variation with side parted hair worn to the left and in front of the shoulder. The hair look has something retro about it.


#20: Beverly Hills style 

Finally, this heart shaped braid is keeping some unruly thick long hair in order and looks beautiful!


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