16 Best Traditional Hairstyles for Indian Women….Blog Post

Girls and women are always on the lookout for much needed inspiration to create new and interesting traditional Indian hairstyles in the festive and wedding seasons. The next time you are wearing a pretty, traditional outfit look no further than this post on Hairstyle Monkey

Here are some amazing traditional hairstyles for Indian women

#1: Bridal double braid with puff and flowers

In the picture below the bride has two braids which is a nice twist on a traditional hairstyle. You can make one braid with your own hair and one braid with fake hair.

Use your own hair if you have thick-as-a-snake-hair or go for fake hair if you have short or medium or thin hair. What we like is her puffed and slightly messy crown.

Try this look if you feel young at heart (and who doesn’t?) and want a less conforming look for your own or a cousin’s wedding. The braid can be regular like most traditional hairstyles but you can fishtail braid it for a more modern look.

High puff hairstyles like the one above and in the pic below reflect Indian history customs and tradition.

#2: Classic low bun with twisted front

This look is elegant and chic. Wear it with a georgette or flowing saree or anarkali. To achieve the style, part the crown portion of your hair in the center, tease it by backcombing slightly and twist outwards and pin to the back of your head before making a bun with the rest of your hair. Make sure you blow dry your hair, use a smoothing serum and a finishing spray to hold the look.

#3: Loose curls with head jewelry

If you are planning to wear a lehenga with a solid colored or simple choli, you should dress it up with a nice piece of head chain jewelry and loose hair.  We recommend curls like Amisha Patel in this image. Ensure your hair is loose and flowing i.e. not greasy or too stiff. To be honest this  happens to me when I’ve just washed my hair.  Spray on some heat and humidity resistant hairspray and pick out a lovely piece of jewelry for your hair.


#4: Side braid with soft bangs

For girls who have medium to long hair lengths looking for traditional hairstyles to wear with your churidar, salwar or patiala, try a side braid. This particular style works for girls with straight hair that is in layers as the top portion of the hair is left loose and not included in the braid. No pesky hair pins necessary for this look! For an interesting twist, just fishtail braid it.


#5: Side parted and blow dried

You can never go wrong with this customary hairstyle. This is the most time honored of all hairstyles. When you do decide to wear it, make sure to wash your hair and blow dry it. Tease the top of your crown for height and pair with a saree, salwar or any traditional outfit with jhumkas and a big bindi! Part your hair in a way that suits you and don’t forget an anti humidity hairspray.


Similarly it is very customary to middle part the hair

#6: Side braid with braided crown

For a look inspired by Aditi Rao Hydari, try this side braid which begins on the crown of your head.

Try this if you have medium to long hair that isn’t in too many choppy layers.

After you create a rough parting in your crown, either twist back or French braid your hair, gather all your hair at your nape and braid it all together in one long plait on the side. Finally, use bobby pins or slides to hold hair in place.

#7: Beehive hairstyle

The beehive a la Amy Winehouse was a hairstyle originally made popular in the 60s. It is very unlike most Indian traditional hairstyles but it works amazingly today as a match for a pretty customary outfit. Use a large bumpit, backcombing and lots of hairspray to achieve this look. Exaggerate the height as you wish and are comfortable with!


#8: Low bun traditional hairstyle for medium hair

Kareena Kapoor looks fabulous in this traditional hairstyle. She was honored for her contribution to the global entertainment industry. A simple and classy hairstyle. Sometimes less is more. Girls with fine hair try this style next time you need inspiration when wearing a fancy Indian outfit.

Also, we think this look is great for salwars with broad, boat necks. When you pin your embroidered dupatta up neatly and have your hair like this, you’re sure to have heads turning.

Back comb the front a bit to add a little volume and use a small amount of hair wax or gel for separation. The separation will accentuate highlighted hair.

#9: Traditional high bun

The high juda hairstyle is oh so glamorous and fun to wear around. It makes you look and feel special! Add head jewelry to make is more interesting. Try it on long hair or add hair extensions if you have short hair.

#10: Twisted flower garland traditional hairstyle

How many South Indian hairstyles do you know whose muhurtham did not involve a braid and jasmine flowers? Yes, this is the most classic traditional hairstyles and should remain so. You can opt to use the hair accessories or just let the flowers do the honors.



#11: The classical mid poof

Indian women often wear saree outfits at formal functions and especially weddings.

Hence, if you want a classy look with references to tradition you might want to try a juda updo with a mid puff. These types of hairstyles lend you more gravitas as they add volume and height.

There are two options here. You either go for a intricate up-done hair bun like in the first image below or you go for a half up half down look like in the second image. In both cases the layout of this hairstyle requires that you have a fringe or bangs in order to create the front of the hairstyle.

Wearing a classical hairstyle such as this one with a saree demands that you accompany it with some tasteful jewelry. Earrings and necklaces are a given but you might also want to consider hair jewelry or even a maang tikka if you are going to be the bride.

Juda hairstyle with raised mid poof. A variation where the bun is comprised of curls Source

Mid poof variation with ponytail brought forward over the shoulder Source

#12: Loose curls

Loose curls can be beautiful. This simple hairstyle looks very becoming on traditional clothes such as sarees. Just use a banana clip or claw clip to tie your hair up at the back and you are set.

#13:  Side parted hairstyles

Another type of hairstyles that is steeped in tradition is the side parted hairstyles. To achieve this look brush the hair to one side and give it volume.

Loose ringlets of hair cascade over the shoulders and back for a classic look. Wear this hairstyle on any formal function such as a wedding or puja.



#14:  Loose ringlets

A really nice effect for traditional clothing is to wear a bun with loose side bangs that curl. These are commonly known as ringlets.

You can add ringlets on the side to frame your face as in the first pic below or an alternative is to do up you hair into a bun and leave a few ringlets loose.

This type of hairstyle draws attention to hair and complements traditional clothes well.


#15: Indian hairstyles with flowers and pins

These flower and pin variations present traditional Indian hairstyles with a modern flair.



#16: Garlanded low judas for classical looks

I just love these low judas that are garlanded with flowers and jewelry. This have Indian hairstyle written all over them and they bring out unique elements of tradition.


Tradition is a quintessential part of growing up in India and traditional hairstyles express that culture and those customs. If you enjoyed these hairstyles check out some of more traditional South Indian bridal hairstyles or our post on Indian bridal hairstyles.