29 Amazing Pics of South Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Weddings

Beautiful South Indian bridal hairstyles for you to browse. The traditional bun or kondai is a great option for early morning muhurtham times, not just for family and friends, but for the bride herself too! It saves time in the morning, and honestly, behind all those flowers and garlands and other head gear no one really notices a bride’s hairstyle.

The traditional South Indian bride is rarely married without jasmine flowers (or malli poo) in her hair. If you aren’t going to be able to have a hair stylist with you on that morning, don’t fret. You don’t need one. Just get a trusty friend, cousin, sister or aunt to help you – there’s no dearth of them at South Indian weddings anyway

Steps to create the classic South Indian bridal hairstyle shown above:

It’s best to start out with straightened hair for this style. Just to look neat. If you have straight hair, then great! You get an extra 20 minutes of sleep that morning. But if you don’t, just have your hair straightened or blow dried the night before – you can use the extra time in the morning to get your pleats right, or do any of the other zillion things that need to be done the morning of your wedding. Watch this video to learn how to straighten your hair.

If you have the time, you can do a doughnut style of bun. If you don’t have time you might want to check out these super quick and easy hairstyles or work on creating a simple, regular hair bun and add jasmine and other hair accessories. You will have the sun and moon and other hair gear on anyway so it’s really okay to keep the bun simple. Get one or two (or more) rounds of the jasmine around your bun, securing it to your bun after every few inches with a bobby pin. Pin as you go around the bun for best hold. Brides with shorter hair can add extensions to create a fuller bun.

Spray on hair spray and use a flyaway tamer like the one by John Freida if needed (And if you’re getting married in Chennai or any other coastal town or city, trust me you will.)

Below are more South Indian bridal hairstyles to inspire you

1. Gold jada with classic gold and white flowers

South Indian hairstyles invariably include lots and lots of flowers. You want this because it complies with tradition and looks good as well.

2. Maharani bridal style with white and orange hair braid

Bright and cheery colors that complement this magenta blouse.

3. Long bridal braid with flower mandala

4. Modern South Indian Wedding hairstyle. Long braid with jewellery

5. South Indian bridal hairstyle bun with fresh jasmine flowers and sixties style backcombed crown

Classic jasmine or malli poo to complement the backcombed crown.

6. Elegant jada long hairstyle

For a more elaborate look

7. Long jadai with fresh jasmine flower decoration and diamond studded lotus hair jewellery

8. Kerala bridal long braid hairstyle with jewels

No flowers. Gorgeous blouse and equally gorgeous hair accessories. A classic Kerala hairstyle. Win!

9. Layered rings of flowers for long silky hair

10. Kannada long braid with manga gold jewellery and fresh flower decoration

A single piece of mango hair jewellery that runs all the way down the braid. Braid hairstyles and South Indian hairstyles are two phrases that always go together.

11. Unique Kerala wedding hairstyle: long braid with flower net decoration and hair jewelry

Unique ‘knit’ style jasmine flowers

12. Unique Kerala wedding hairstyle: long braid with flower net decoration and hair jewelry

13. Traditional and ornate South Indian bridal hairstyle with hair jewelry

14. Traditional South Indian wedding long hairstyle with jasmine flower mandala

15. South Indian bridal hairstyles for long hair with flowers

A more simpler bauble-like hair accessories in a diminishing size.

16. Traditional South India hairstyle jada with flower mandala jewellery

17. Elegant long braid with jewelry and flowers

Again, the flowers on the top of the braid and on each level match the general colour scheme of this bride’s outfit.

18. Minimalist beautiful long hair with trailing jewelry

The embellishments on the braid above match the bride’s blouse design and cut. That is one cool bride.

19. South Indian long braid with peach and white flowers

Such wow peach flowers. Unconventional and cool for a warm summer wedding.

20. Aishwarya Rai Bachan South Indian bridal hairstyle fresh flower decoration with hair jewelry

21. Simple and elegant traditional South Indian bridal hairstyle with flowers and Jewelry

Hold that braid in place so it doesn’t swing around.

22. Trisha Krishnan celebrity wedding hairstyle with long jada and fresh flower decoration and nethi chutti

23. Simple but elegant Malayali wedding hairstyle

24. South Indian bridal hairstyle long hair with temple jewellery and red and white flowers

This bride chose to match the color of her flowers with her saree! By the way you can also check out these saree hairstyles if you like.

25. Kerala wedding jada with flowers and jewelry

26. Bridal bun for medium South Indian hair

27. Side parted South Indian wedding updo for medium hair

28. Simple updo for medium South Indian hair

29. South Indian bridal donut bun with pin

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