Ponytail hairstyle – on the side

If you have medium to long hair and are looking for a slightly different and hatke ponytail hairstyle, here’s a great one to wear on the side

Begin by brushing your hair and removing all tangles. If you have curly hair, iron or blow dry the top or crown section to make the style look neat, but you don’t have to.Use a shine serum for softness and shine.

Steps to create the ponytail hairstyle:

Part all your hair down to your neck, a little more to the right than the center. Take the right half and tie it in a tight, low pony on the right side of the nape of your neck. Next, divide the left half of your division into two – a top half and a bottom half. Keep the bottom half away for now. Twist the top half neatly and bring it towards your ponytail. Twist it around it once and secure with a couple thin, tight elastic. Then, take the remaining hair that you left out and twist it in the same direction as the top twist. Do the same with this piece as well. You can cover up the elastics with a big bow, a ribbon or a silk scarf.

Wear this style to school or college. It’s easy enough to do quickly in the morning. It will suit girls with thick hair and medium thickness. For added height, tease the top half before tying it to your ponytail. This style looks good for girls with highlighted hair. You can also decide to braid the ponytail either regularly or in a fishtail style. Finish it up with a fancy hair accessory to add glam to your ponytail hairstyle!

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