Short curly hairstyles: 15 ideas

Try any of these 16 short curly hairstyles  on your own hair and be surprised! Trust me, I was =). I have a big head full of frizzy curly hair. If like me, your hair turns to maggi after your shower, you are lucky. I say love your curls. Try these short curly hairstyles and flaunt away your curls and look super fab in under 5 minutes.

Short curly hairstyles:

# 1. Short curly French retro look

Chic. Very chic.


# 2. Thick springy curls

Those highlights do total justice to those curls.


# 3. Side swept with locks of varying length

Curls+varying lengths = win.

# 4. Elegantly messy bob with side fringe

Pin down the non-fringe side to seemingly enhance the fringe’s volume

# 5. Kangana Ranaut’s ear length bob

Quite unlike her usual messy curls. This one is classy.


# 6. Big curly locks with long side fringe

Use mousse to curl and scrunch naturally curly hair.


# 7. Short wispy curls hairstyle

For girls with thinner and fine hair.

Short wispy curls hairstyle

# 8. Ultra short curls

Leave rollers on overnight. Boom.

# 9. Back to the 20s

Elegant and soft waves.


# 10. Big Afro curl style

Natural afros FTW.

hairstyles for curly frizzy hair


# 11. Shreya Saran style

Outward blow dry style


# 12. Betty Boop style

Look like your fav cartoon character with this short curly hairstyle


# 13. Funky short crop for wavy hair

Be bold and cut one side of your hair really short. Tame it down with wax.

# 14. Back to the 80s

Almost like Elvis’s sideburns


# 15. Short and wavy with long side fringe

Twist one bit up and camouflage the pin.



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